• Technology Solutions

  • CAE has developed a series of technology solutions to support clients as they plan, test, train, and deploy response operations. These user-centred, simulation-based tools allow users to visually anticipate the impact of response strategies, resource plans, acquisitions, and deployment strategies.

  • Multi-agency Response

    In today's public security and emergency management environment, no force responds alone. Whether the response requires local responders or international forces, joint and multi-agency response requires organizations to effectively share information, collaborate, and...

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  • Deployment Strategy Evaluation

    Historically, paramedic services have not been able to quantitatively analyze their deployment strategies and response capabilities. The development of resource deployment plans have been a "best guess" based on experience and intuition as well as political pressure from...

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  • First Responder Deployment

    CAE Deploy is a next-generation decision support tool for intelligent deployment of first responder operations. It integrates the latest in intelligent resource management, traffic prediction, and visualization tools to enable communications personnel to more effectively deploy their...

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