• Automated After Action Review

  • Automated After Action Review

  • CAE PowerSTRIPES is an automated after action review (AAR) tool suite for observing, recording, and reviewing simulation exercises. By incorporating planning, data logging, and replay with unprecedented authoring functionalities, CAE PowerSTRIPES is CAE's complete AAR solution.

    This advanced AAR tool suite prepares a tailored data collection and presentation plan through the unique run-time transformation of data, extensive support for a variety of AAR analysis aids, and unparalleled integration with Microsoft Office tools, as well as 2D tactical displays and 3D virtual views.

    Key Benefits
    CAE PowerSTRIPES integrates both a 2D tactical display and a 3D virtual view of the exercise with data recorded during the simulation execution. The tool replays events as they occurred in the 2D and 3D views using a relational database generated during the simulation. The replay and viewing modes can be accelerated up to 10 times faster than real-time, decreasing the time required for AAR while maintaining the same objective evidence and learning content. In addition, all AAR functions can be performed simultaneously with data collection, meaning CAE PowerSTRIPES facilitates during action analysis of events.

    Through its integration with the Microsoft Office® suite, CAE PowerSTRIPES automatically builds Microsoft PowerPoint® slides containing data for analysis. It allows the user to manipulate the AAR analysis aids using standard Microsoft Office® capabilities. Users can customize the look, feel, and data content of each analysis product generated for the training audience.

    The AAR analysis products in CAE PowerSTRIPES include maps, charts, graphs, worksheets, and data queries, all of which are completely customizable and can be viewed during simulation execution, after the exercise, or as a standalone take-home package in Microsoft PowerPoint® format. Simulation developers can build templates of user-selected topics and high-interest events for planning AAR topics.

    Key Features

    • Provides a complete AAR solution that includes planning, data logging, analysis, and replay in one convenient package.
    • Supports during action reviews because all AAR functions can be performed simultaneously with data collection.
    • Generates take home packages that allow the end-user to view the objective evidence away from the training/simulation environment.
    • Supports all reference military symbology and tactical graphics according to the MIL-STD-2525B.
    • Supports several industry standard communication mechanisms, including the distributed interactive simulation (DIS) specification or the high level architecture specification (HLA).
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