• Tactical Scenario Planner

  • Tactical Scenario Planner

  • CAE PowerTACTICS is a Microsoft PowerPoint®-based military tactical scenario planner that allows both novice and experienced training developers to efficiently and effectively design and develop simulation scenarios in a familiar environment. Featuring intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs), collaborative planning, intervisibility, and surface danger zone graphs, CAE PowerTACTICS dramatically enhances the scenario planning process.

    Key Benefits

    Deep integration into Microsoft PowerPoint®
    The intuitive GUIs in CAE PowerTACTICS facilitate unprecedented user familiarity and decrease the learning curve associated with other military and simulation scenario planning tools.

    Supports collaborative planning and simulation-agnostic scenario generation
    The efficient workflow in CAE PowerTACTICS supports collaborative planning and permits users to generate a detailed, simulation-agnostic scenario complete with terrain map, overlays, and execution matrix and to print the output of the scenario plan. Workflow also dramatically reduces scenario creation time by allowing scenarios to be split horizontally, either among military echelons or command staff elements, which enables concurrent and distributed planning.

    Easily exported in a XML-based format
    The completed scenario file is easily exported in a XML-based format compatible with any simulation that supports the military scenario definition language (MSDL) format, an emerging international standard. In addition, CAE PowerTACTICS is MIL-STD-2525B compliant and offers essential mission planning functions, including the planning of task organization, the generating of intervisibility graphs, and the calculating of surface danger zone graphics.

    2D and 3D visualization of scenarios
    CAE PowerTACTICS can visualize scenarios in both a 2D tactical display and a 3D virtual view. It automates the generation of operation orders (OPORDs), back briefs, and overlays.

    Key Features

    • Features Microsoft PowerPoint® integration.
    • Offers a scenario planning capability that is independent from the simulation system and integrates via MSDL-compliant scenario files.
    • Supports all reference military symbology and tactical graphics according to the MIL-STD-2525B.
    • Visualizes scenarios in both a 2D tactical display and 3D virtual view.