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  • Image Generators

  • Directly controlled by the simulator host, CAE's image generators, such as the CAE Medallion™-6000, process the synthetic environments and drive the display system to ensure fully-correlated visual, motion, radar, instrument and real-time responses to every trainee action or instructor command.

    CAE Medallion™-6000
    The CAE Medallion™-6000 series is the latest member in CAE's powerful Medallion image generator family. The CAE Medallion-6000 series combines the proven, industry-leading feature set and image quality of legacy CAE Medallion image generators with the power and capabilities of the latest commercial-off-the-shelf workstation graphics.

    The CAE Medallion-6000 image generator provides a highly modular, scalable and portable visual solution designed to satisfy your full range of military training needs. As the latest member of the CAE Medallion family, CAE Medallion-6000 maintains full database and interface compatibility with CAE Medallion-S, thereby providing an attractive complement to current CAE Medallion-S customers. It also supports the innovative CAE-developed common database (CDB) format. The CDB is an open standard that supports all simulator systems requiring data describing the synthetic environment. It provides a correlated view of the environment across all systems, and decreases the time required to produce mission rehearsal databases.

    CAE Medallion-6000 includes features to model airfields and mission areas to an exceptional level of detail. Models of other vehicles in the scenario act as companion or opposing forces, and support moving parts such as landing gear and flight control surfaces. Models may also include tanker aircraft with an articulated boom or hose and drogue, and the lighting systems used by the pilots to maintain position behind the tanker.

    A comprehensive weather model is provided that includes the effect of fog, clouds, and a range of precipitation, all controllable by the instructor to support training under all conditions.

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