• Integrated Logistics Support

  • Integrated Logistics Support

  • CAE's military support services team offers integrated logistics services for in-service systems and equipment. Over the last 25 years, CAE has been the primary in-service support provider for the mission critical systems integration, maintenance, and upgrades to the Canadian Forces F-18 fleet of aircraft. Our team has built an international reputation for engineering excellence in support of integrated logistics support, mission critical software development, and data management solutions for operations-centred logistics.

    Integrated information environments
    Our integrated information environment (IIE) solutions provide commanders with the required flexibility to adapt their operation and maintenance processes to the ever-changing requirements imposed by real world situations. System survivability is ensured through built-in redundancy. The system can operate in networked or stand-alone modes, providing the critical functions required to maintain the airworthiness program. The resulting real-time data-rich environments are accessible by other peer and corporate systems, providing total asset visibility 24/7.

    Embedded systems engineering
    CAE's embedded systems engineering capabilities are supported by unique expertise in the domain of real-time operating systems, air-to-air weapons, sensors, and air-to-ground ballistics. Our team offers the following core software support capabilities: enhancements to existing software functionality; new software to support emerging capability; weapon system integration and testing; improvements to weapon performance and accuracy; avionic system upgrades; and mission support tools.

    Software test facility
    State-of-the-art development environments and flexible testing facilities are essential to ensuring software development is performed in an efficient and cost-effective way. CAE's military support services team has developed a complete software development environment and software test facility (STF) for CF-18 mission-critical operational flight programs (OFPs). Our team supports the software development lifecycle from requirements analysis to formal qualification and deployment. We have established a comprehensive set of OFP test stations, stand-alone prototyping, testing workstations, and a full set of desktop software development tools - all of which can be tailored to meet the platform's specific requirements.

    In-service lifecycle management support
    Using field data and cutting-edge technology, our military support services team monitor aircraft and support network performance. Our team excels at identifying, validating, and analyzing the impacts of performance metric variations on fleet operations, logistics network, and resources before adverse effects are experienced. CAE extends your analysis and modelling capabilities by providing an innovative, flexible, competent, and dedicated workforce. Fleet managers are empowered with up-to-date information and can be confident in the decisions they make to ensure long-term cost-effective support solutions.

    Operations-centred maintenance
    CAE data management systems extend your operational and support effectiveness by combining fleet asset visibility and management flexibility. Our system offers additional cost saving opportunities by enabling network-centric life cycle management and in-service integrated logistics support (ILS) processes.

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