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  • Modelling & Simulation

  • All organizations involved in analysis, design, and experimentation benefit from the application of modelling and simulation (M&S) to their business processes. CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutionsis group a world leader in planning, developing, and implementing M&S strategies, tools, and processes to a wide range of application areas, including the design and validation of project requirements, new system concepts, capability configurations, and operational mission strategies.

    Simulation for any environment, any scenario
    The CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group excels at the rapid development and deployment of simulation environments. In addition to developing synthetic environments (workspaces, buildings, sites, and urban environments) for conducting experiments and mission rehearsals, our team models the behaviour of other players, including computer generated forces and crowd behaviours.

    Using our library of threat and mission scenarios, our team develops realistic experiment scenarios to test system and capability designs and deployment strategies. By applying our human system integration expertise, CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group adds human behaviour modelling and artificial intelligence to computer generated players within the scenario. Each layer adds complexity and realism to the scenario, generating relevant data for analysis.

    Rapid database generation
    Organizations cannot wait months for the delivery of proper mission planning, rehearsal, and training tools. CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group database production centres are dedicated to the rapid development of runtime databases. Through the use of commercial-off-the-shelf and government software products, our dedicated database engineers are able to provide run-time databases in a matter of hours or days. Run-time databases are regularly updated with new terrain features, environmental characteristics, and targets.

    Based on industry-standard open architecture components, the components combine to create virtual simulation capabilities such as dynamic environment; atmospheric effects; after action review; exercise management tools; chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosive (CBRNE) environments; computer generated forces; and C4ISR systems.

    Distributed simulation environments
    Our M&S team has extensive experience designing and configuring distributed simulation environments for experimentation. Using CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group command and control synthetic environment as the common operating picture, operational teams experiment with alternative deployment strategies, system and personnel configurations, and communication processes, as well as test for multi-agency interoperability.

    CAE Battle Lab Network
    The CAE Battle Lab Network is comprised of M&S laboratories distributed around the world at CAE's Military Simulation and Training (MS&T) sites. Each CAE Battle Lab offers clients and partners a range of the latest modelling and simulation technology with the ability to configure and reconfigure the facility to support analysis, design reviews, and experimentation. CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group multidisciplinary teams provide user-centred, simulation-based support to design teams to conduct capability and system level concept analysis, human-in-the-loop studies, and test and evaluation experiments, applying capability metrics to assess performance, interoperability, and usability.

    Our team is not limited to any one vendor in the delivery of these services. CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group focuses on developing the best solution for the client's application.

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