• Project Management

  • Project Management

  • CAE's Integrated Enterprise group Solutions offers a full range of project and portfolio management services to help clients manage projects and improve their project management capabilities. Our project management team of PMP-certified professionals differentiates itself through our user-centred, simulation-based approaches to project and portfolio management, which support the complete project lifecycle leading to effective management of project complexities and resulting in increased project success.

    Complete project lifecycle support
    CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group offers a comprehensive suite of project management services supporting each phase of the project lifecycle. Our team helps clients optimize project delivery by managing entire projects or by providing specialized expertise to particular project phases, such as project plan development and comprehensive risk management.

    Scope definition and management
    A project's success is often determined by clear definition of requirements, goals, tasks, and funding up-front and then managing the scope. Over 85 percent of projects fail due to a lack of understanding or communication of project requirements. Our project management team specializes in the development of detailed project requirements.

    Portfolio management
    Our team provides clients with the expertise required to oversee the development and operation of portfolio management processes and infrastructure within their organization. Through portfolio management, clients use high-level management dashboards to effectively share resources across multiple projects. This helps to ensure the resources are optimized, workload distribution is coordinated, and earned value management (EVM) principles are applied across the organization.

    Project recovery
    When projects lose their focus and are in danger of failing, clients engage our project management experts to provide recovery support services. Our team conducts detailed analysis of projects that are not succeeding and works with the client's project team to develop and implement a recovery plan.

    Support to complex R&D programs
    CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group has extensive experience successfully managing multi-million dollar research and development (R&D) projects. Our R&D project management approach realistically structures work tasks, recognizes that R&D projects are complex and multi-phased with inputs cascading across subsequent phases, and acknowledges that technical and scientific teams want to focus on technical results. We help scientific teams obtain funding by providing structure to projects and managing both internal and external interfaces so that scientists and engineers can maintain focus on what they do best - R&D

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