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    As two of the aerospace industry’s most trusted and respected names, Honeywell Aerospace and CAE have joined forces to deliver an unprecedented training experience for Honeywell avionics, engines, auxiliary power units and mechanical systems. The result is training that is seamless and consistent around the globe.

    The Honeywell-CAE Training Alliance offers a broad range of technical training solutions. By combining Honeywell’s technical expertise and CAE’s unparalleled training solutions, simulation technology and global footprint, Honeywell’s customers receive exceptional training for maintenance, flight operations and cabin systems.

    Technology at its best
    The Honeywell-CAE Training Alliance combines Honeywell’s courseware, equipment and technical expertise, which are fundamental for a consistent and quality training experience, with CAE’s unequalled expertise in integrated training solutions leveraging world-class simulation and modeling technologies. This ensures one of the most technologically advanced and comprehensive pilot and technical training offerings in the industry.

    Globally accessible training
    Honeywell’s facility in Phoenix, Arizona has long provided customers training on its aerospace products and systems. With worldwide growth in aerospace and the demand for training close to home, the Honeywell-CAE Training Alliance offers customers the same high-quality training experience around the world throughout CAE’s global network of training centers.

    Highly-qualified instructors
    CAE’s training centers are staffed with highly qualified and experienced instructors, backed by the expertise and training support of Honeywell subject matter experts, ensuring the best training delivery and a learning experience that is standardized regardless of where you train. Training is delivered by someone who has lived your operational reality, with hands-on experience in Honeywell products and systems and an in-depth knowledge of your aircraft.

    All free of charge entitlement training will be conducted at the Honeywell Phoenix Maintenance Training Center or at a CAE Global Training Facility unless otherwise specified by a contract.

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