• Consulting

  • CAE Mining provides a comprehensive range of professional services for the mining industry with a team of over 130 industry regarded experts. Specializing in Executive, Advisory and Technical Consulting services, our specialists provide practical advice for extracting the optimal value from existing operations, potential projects and mine expansions. Areas of expertise include structural geology, resource modeling, mine planning and financial analysis.


  • Executive/Advisory Consulting

    CAE Mining has established a team of industry regarded experts who draw on years of experience in order to provide practical advice for extracting optimal value from existing operations, potential projects and mine expansions...

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  • Technical Services

    As expert users of CAE Mining’s software and with a global pool of 300 years of combined knowledge our clients have the reassurance of a high level of capability when we provide these services.

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    CAE Mining’s Executive Consultants have many years of industry experience supported with a Masters or PhD in their area of speciality.

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  • Technical Consulting

    Working within a client study team or delivering a mining study, our consultants have access to the latest technology in order to efficiently create and analyse mining information.

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  • Software Training 

    Introductory, intermediate and advanced training for our suite of mining software such as Studio 3, CAE Studio 5D Planner and NPVS. Training can be provided from one of our global offices or at the clients mine site.

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