• CAE Mining Simulation

  • World class simulation

    CAE has been perfecting the science of simulation for close to 65 years. Leveraging the experience of developing more than 1,300 simulators for land vehicles and aircraft, CAE Terra simulators provide the highest fidelity experience available to the mining industry. What does this mean? In practice the training environment is highly realistic, closely resembling site conditions and operating responses including rock and soil dynamics for digging and drilling equipment. Sophisticated millisecond response integrating operator inputs, high definition graphics and machine movement mean the incidence of motion sickness is vastly reduced, allowing complex training tasks to be conducted and facilitating greater utilisation of the simulator. Our simulators are routinely used for more than 20 hours per day and have an enviable reliability track record of 99.9% availability.

    Safety and productivity

    At CAE Mining we don’t just have the best technology, we have a deep domain knowledge in mining and comprehensive understanding of how to apply simulation to enhance safety and productivity outcomes.

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