• CAE Terra Overview

  • Comprehensive range

    CAE Mining supplies simulators for the full variety of mining equipment types for both open pit and underground operations. CAE Mining is the first supplier in the mining industry with technology that has been certified to the global Type 7 standard. This relates to the sophistication and quality of the simulation made possible by the underlying integration of movement, graphics and realistic machine response to millisecond accuracy. For the operator, the most obvious difference is vastly reduced incidence of motion sickness in the simulator, making it a much more productive training tool.

    Not just a simulator

    At CAE Mining we understand more than technology. Our high fidelity simulators are delivered as part of an integrated learning system that is optimised for the best training outcomes. By combining CAE’s recognised leadership in modeling, visualisation, simulation and training with mining industry expertise, we offer a fully-integrated suite of simulation products for mine training. These range from desktop trainers and eLearning to part-task trainers and high-fidelity simulators, all running on the same high-fidelity software.

    Experience the difference

    You are invited to experience first hand the CAE Terra™ simulator at our global headquarters in Montreal, Canada or at one of our customer sites. Alternatively, please check availability with your local office for a demonstration.

    CAE’s Simulator Systems are built with curriculum and learning scenarios to

    • Increase production
    • Improve safety
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Increase fleet availability
    • Achieve defined competency levels
    • Improve staff retention
    • Continuously improve critical in-cycle KPI’s such as load factor, swing times, spotting times and more.
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