• Software

  • Software Solutions across the entire mining value chain

    CAE Mining provides a compelling one-stop-shop for the technology and services required to seamlessly plan and manage modern mining operations. With operations in twelve countries, CAE Mining offers solutions ranging from exploration data management and ore-body modelling, to mine planning and operations management. We have a technical consulting team of over 140 experienced geologists and mining engineers servicing customers in close to 100 countries. Through our simulators, software, consulting and training services CAE Mining is developing the industry's most compelling technology and services to advance the efficiency and safety of mine operations.

  • Geological Data Management Solution

    Exploration data forms the fundamental underlying basis for resource models and mining resource/reserve evaluations. It is critical for mining and exploration companies to protect this investment with modern governance systems to control the process and securely store the data.

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  • Underground Planning Solution

    CAE Mining supplies the world’s most popular software tools for underground mine planning, including CAE Studio 5D Planner, Enhanced Production Scheduler (EPS), Mineable Shape Optimizer (MSO), Aegis and Ventsim. These established industry-leading products form an unparalleled integrated toolset for underground mine planning...

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  • CAE Sirovision

    Sirovision is a geology / geotechnical mapping and analysis system that generates accurate, scaled 3D images of rock faces from stereo photographs taken in open pit and underground environments.

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  • Resource Modelling

    CAE Mining’s resource modeling systems deliver robust geological models for large and small mines across a number of commodities and deposit types. CAE Studio 3 and CAE Strat 3D, our trusted and sophisticated software tools, have set a new industry standard in this field with proven algorithms which have been developed and refined over 30 years...

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  • Open Pit Planning Solution

    CAE Mining is unique in its ability to provide world class solutions for open pit mine planning. These solutions span from strategic long term optimization through medium term reserve generation and scheduling to short term material and operational equipment scheduling. Generating powerful animations and a range of other outputs, CAE Mining software is the integrated solution for communicating plans throughout your organization...

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