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  • In late 2004, Germany's government signed a private finance initiative (PFI) contract with an industry consortium to provide comprehensive NH90 helicopter training services. The industry consortium includes CAE, Thales, Eurocopter, and Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, who each own 25 percent of an operating company called HelicopterFlight Training Services (HFTS) GmbH.

    HFTS will deliver NH90 training services to the German Armed Forces through 2022 as well as to other customers on a contract basis. Training is offered through three training centres equipped with four NH90 full-mission simulators, located in Buckeburg, Fassberg and Holzdorf.

  • Helicopter Flight Training Services (HFTS) GmbH

    Ludwigstr. 49
    D-85399 Hallbergmoos

    Telephone: +49-811-5555-8-0
    Fax: +49-811-5555-8-87
    Email: info@HFTS.eu

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