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Let’s clear the air

1.3 million. That’s the number of civil aviation professionals needed to enter the industry by 2032 as highlighted by CAE’s 2023 Aviation Talent Forecast. In fact, as commercial aviation nears full recovery, demand for the next generation of pilots has never been greater with 252,000 new pilots globally needing to be recruited and trained over the next 10 years. It’s truly an exciting time to begin the journey of becoming a professional pilot.

From the ground up

Let us introduce you to the Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme. CAE and easyJet have joined forces to recruit and train 1,000 future easyJet pilots with training available at CAE London Gatwick, Brussels, and Madrid.

The CAE Generation easyJet pilot Training Programme takes aspiring pilots with no flying experience from the classroom to the flight deck in under 24 months.

Straight to the easyJet flight deck

There are many reasons to train with easyJet:

  1. easyJet is Europe’s leading airline.

  2. They fly on more of Europe’s most popular routes than any other airline.

  3. Innovation is in easyJet’s DNA. The airline leads the industry in digital, web, engineering, and operational innovations to make travel easier and more affordable for all passengers.

  4. The airline takes sustainability seriously and invests in the latest technology, operates efficiently, and fills most of its seats.


  1. You’ll train in a professional pilot environment surrounded by current First Officers and Captains.

  2. You’ll earn your Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL).

  3. All assessments are free.

And most importantly…

  1. You will be in receipt of a conditional letter of employment before your training begins. *

*Subject to passing the necessary course requirements and airline requirements.

Meet CAE Pilot and easyJet First Officer, Vas

What do I need to apply?

  • Be 18 years old by the course start date (you can start your application at 17 years old)

  • Live in the UK, EEA, EU, or Switzerland

  • Obtained your high school degree (having passed Math / English / any Science, along with 2 other subjects.)

  • Fluent in English. (English Language Certificate may be required)
  • Have a minimum height of 5’ 2” (157cm)

  • Capable of holding a Class 1 Medical Certificate


What is the selection process?

Step 1: Online application

Fill out the online application – make sure you meet all the above requirements and have your official high school results ready to upload. If you do not hold an International English Language certificate you may need to sit the Versant English test with CAE.


Step 2: Pilot aptitude test

Complete your ADAPT virtually.

Step 3: Group activity & personal interview

Participate in a virtual team exercise as well as a 1:1 interview.

Step 4: Start training

Not only do you start your flight training, but you also receive a conditional offer of employment.

If you don’t make it through the application process, we can discuss alternative ways in which you can apply to easyJet after graduation from the Integrated ATPL programme instead.


What will training be like?

ATPL Phase: Theoretical Knowledge Training

Learn ATPL related theory through classroom led computer-based training and student led private studies.

Duration: Approximately 950 hours

Location: Brussels, Madrid, or London Gatwick

Phase 1: Core flight training

Learn how to fly solo in a single-engine piston aircraft with aircraft and simulator training.

Duration: Approximately 100 hours

Phase 2: Basic flight Training

Get the skills you need to be a member of a professional airline flight deck crew with Classroom and Flight Simulator Training.

Duration: Approximately 46 hours

Location: Milan, London Gatwick

Phase 3: Intermediate training

Fly in a multi-crew operation in a high-performance CAE fixed-base or full-flight simulator for A320 jet aircraft in the category of transport.

Duration: Approximately 76 hours

Location: Milan, London Gatwick

Phase 4: Advanced training

Bring together all your training experience with Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) scenarios and build expertise in pilot competencies

Get your Multi-Crew Pilot license and A320 type rating for easyJet.

Duration: Approximately 28 hours

Location: Milan, London Gatwick

Total course duration: approximately 24 months


How much will I invest?

Price: €100,529

The Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme offers students the MPL Cadet Programme without Accommodation & Ground Transport

What's Included?

  • All ATPL Training Theory Manuals

  • CBT’s On-line Learning Management System (LMS)

  • All EASA or UK CAA Theoretical Examinations

  • Maximum of 3 x ground school exam re-sits as part of First Officer Quality Assurance

  • Up to 10% of the single engine Core Phase aircraft and/or FTD hours for remedial training purposes as part of First Officer Quality Assurance

  • Visa fees if required

  • Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

  • Travel to and from location for Core Phase if required

  • Free access to carboard mock ups, A320 Cockpit posters, FMGC trainer, LIDO Charts and printing facilities


Have some questions? We have the answers.

What’s an MPL?

A Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) is an airline-specific alternative to the more traditional cadet route the Airline Pilot Transport License (ATPL).

The difference? The MPL course has to be delivered with airline specific operating procedures and should be considered as a full-time training programme.

The perks of an MPL?

Job security! Plus building a relationship with an airline from the get-go.

Type Rating

With the easyJet MPL Programme you will obtain an A320 type rating.

What is a Class 1 Medical?

A class 1 medical is an initial exam all commercial pilots must take. It’s a full examination that includes a:

  • Vision test

  • Hearing test

  • ECG

  • Blood/urine samples

  • A general health exam.

Newly added:

  • A mental health assessment

What is an ADAPT test?

All students must complete and pass a series of assessments before starting flight training. Usually, these assessments include a combination of knowledge and aptitude tests including:

  • Computer-Based Testing

  • Pilot aptitude, including hand/eye co-ordination, motor skills and spatial awareness

  • Academic, mathematical, and technical capacity

  • A multiple-choice test of technical reasoning

  • A dynamic multi-task test