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Great minds for world-class products and services

Global Engineering is responsible for the execution and development of our technologies and products for all business units worldwide. We pool together the knowledge and efforts of more than 2,000 employees around the world, in the areas of systems and software engineering as well as systems integration and training solutions. Our engineers work on various technologies and can see the impact of their work every day.

A strong entrepreneurial culture fosters innovation and collaboration at all levels and allows us to stay ahead of the technological curve.

This group is key in making CAE’s offering the global standard for integrity and performance in simulation and a leading training solutions provider.

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Visual/ immersive environment

Delivering a totally immersive experience to prepare pilots for real-world conditions is our mission. Our activities support major international projects and include realistic database creation, high-fidelity synthetic environment modelling, and 3D visual rendering.

A dynamic environment at the cutting edge of technology and daily challenges!

User interface

Creating and developing specialized user interfaces for simulators in a collaborative environment. We analyze, design, code, and connect components to control the aircraft as well as the synthetic environment that surrounds it. Our goal is to give the best training experience to our instructors to fulfill their training objectives.

Aircraft systems

Our engineers and developers work in a stimulating environment related to airplane or helicopter cockpits. They use their advanced technological knowledge to deliver hyper-realistic, real-time simulation systems that include aerodynamics simulations, autopilot, avionics systems and much more.

Software technicians

Working closely with our aircraft systems engineers/developers, our software technicians are actively involved in developing new features for various systems. Their software expertise is used to improve our hyper-realistic simulation model.

Integration Specialist

A dynamic and results-oriented team with strong leadership and communication skills, we provide technical support and supervision to software engineers during the integration of their systems. Working very close to our customers also means understanding their needs and identify and implement improvement opportunities.

Mechanical/ electrical system designer

Our team prepares effective drawings and schematics of mechanical or electrical systems. They make sure these validate our customer’s expectations and while meeting the allocated budget.

The Ken Patrick Program

Building the next generation of leadership


The Ken Patrick program is an intensive and challenging rotation program aimed at recruiting and developing the best graduates in order for them to become the future leaders of CAE. 


This accelerated development is achieved through personal coaching and four rotational assignments in different business sectors, requiring both strong technical and interpersonal skills.