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This program is for individuals with the unrestricted right to live and work in the USA.

This program is for individuals with the unrestricted right to live and work in the USA.


CAE is proud to announce its new cadet program partnership with Envoy Air – the largest regional carrier for American Airlines!

Elevate your career and work for Envoy as you build your way to 1,500 hours. This program will put you on the fast track to achieve your dream of flying for an airline and help Certified Flight Instructors make a smooth transition from the classroom to the regional cockpit.

Once accepted to the program, you will be an Envoy employee, working as a Certified Flight Instructor for CAE in Mesa, AZ. You will receive $5,000 in financial assistance and will be eligible for all the benefits of being an Envoy employee. Benefits will include travel privileges for you and your immediate family on American Airlines flights; comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage; 401(k) retirement with company match contributions; American Airlines Group profit sharing; and paid vacation and sick time accrual.

How it works?

To be considered for this program, you will need to apply for a Certified Flight Instructor position with CAE in Mesa, AZ. Once you have logged 300 hours as a CAE CFI, you will be eligible to apply for a first officer position at Envoy. If selected by Envoy, you will begin your journey as an Envoy commercial pilot upon while completing your 1,500 hours as a CFI at CAE.

Upon reaching ATP/R-ATP minimum flight experience requirements, Envoy will pay for the ATP/CTP course (valued at $5,000) for qualified candidates needing to complete the ATP written exam prior to new hire training. Hotel accommodations and ground transportation during the ATP/CTP course will be provided.

Cadets successfully completing the ATP-CTP course and written exam will be placed into the next available new hire class at Envoy upon reaching minimums, with no additional interview required. An additional signing bonus of up to $17,100 will be paid on the first day of new-hire First Officer class.

For more information on the program see or contact us at [email protected]

Eligibility requirements:
  • Minimum age twenty-one (21) years;
  • Be a United States citizen or possess the legal right to work in the United States;
  • Pass any background checks and drug testing required by Envoy, the FAA, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Homeland Security or any other governmental department, administration, or agency, or any other applicable law;
  • Have obtained a commercial pilot license with CFI and Instrument Airplane endorsement;
  • Possess a medical certificate class 2 privileges;
  • Have completed a pre-entry screening interview by FAA Chief Flight Instructor or his designee;
  • Have completed a pre-entry flight test with the CAE chief instructor, his designee, a senior cadet instructor, or the Safety and Quality Officer; and
  • Pass an electronic behavioral assessment
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