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Promoting our expertise, delighting our customers

The Marketing, Business Development, Bids & Proposals and Sales organization is a customer-focused group with a mission to promote our company, propose solutions, anticipate customer needs, build strategic partnerships and identify new markets for our services and products.

By analyzing trends and predicting the future of aviation, our marketing wizards keep us one step ahead and are constantly creating and communicating offerings that have value for our customers.

Our sales professionals build and maintain meaningful relationships with our customers, allowing them to proactively suggest solutions. Our business development experts have a deep understanding of our markets and customers. They equally have a knack for identifying opportunities such as strategic partnerships, joint-ventures, and emerging markets.

Our bids and proposals team brings the pieces together by creating comprehensive solutions tailored to customer needs.

Together, these teams ensure that our customers know who we are, what we do, and that we are aware of their current and future needs.

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