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Keeping us running to reach our maximum potential

Our corporate services support is critical to help CAE achieve its mission. These different groups and teams act as internal partners to our businesses: from attracting the right staff, to communicating ongoing projects and achievements, to receiving proper legal, financial or human resources counsel, or offering innovative information technology services, the whole company can count on them as trusted colleagues.

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Our team delivers insightful financial information and analysis to the businesses and influence decision making to drive greater profitability, while ensuring financial integrity. We help the organization develop forward thinking strategies and make informed decisions.


Our people are our greatest strength. Individually and together, their passion has made CAE the leader it is today.

Our team grows a diverse talent pipeline, retains and develops the people behind our technological leadership, and drives empowerment throughout the company. We want our leaders to have a positive impact on all employees and continually develop their skills.

Employee engagement is a priority and we work closely with the business units to create programs and provide tools that enrich our company culture and promote employee well-being.

Health and Safety

Our vision is to be a world-class organization and leader in Health and Safety in everything we do and everywhere we operate.

We are committed to demonstrating leadership, accountability and excellence in Health and Safety practices in all our business activities.

As part of our mandate, we ensure the development and introduction of directives connected to current legislation; we identify Health and Safety-related training needs and carry out periodic verifications.


CAE is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment during the course of its activities, and recognizes it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. As such, we develop and implement initiatives to ensure environmental awareness and compliance throughout CAE.

Information Technology

Our global team delivers highly cost-effective IT services and solutions aligned with CAE’s business objectives.

We maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our systems and data, while meeting expectations in terms of our project execution and service levels.

Legal Services

Our team of experts identify and mitigate contractual and other risks to protect CAE's interests. We advise the company on compliance with legislation and regulations.

Our worldwide team of legal counsels assist in the drafting, review and negotiation of contracts, and can be consulted on best practices and legal advice regarding CAE activities.

Part of the Legal services is also the Export Control team, which provides timely and effective Export Control solutions to support CAE business activities.

Facilities/Real Estate

Our Global Real Estate Team manages CAE's domestic and international real estate portfolio of 7 million square foot. They are responsible for policy development and guidance, facility performance management, lease administration and construction management.


The Global Communications team offers a vast array of services to CAE. The department’s mandate is to protect and continue to improve CAE’s reputation, promote a powerful global company image, be a valued partner to CAE’s corporate and business segments by supporting them in attaining their goals. Internally, we promote and drive employee engagement through dynamic and interactive employee communications.