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What is it?


Our Crew Engagement software harnesses the power of modern mobile technology to allow operators to connect and engage like never before with their field-based crew. Designed to efficiently modernize and better-connect operators to their crews worldwide, it is the smart way to share operational information in aviation.

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Relevant information at the right time allows crews to connect more efficiently with operations and other crew members.

Built for crew engagement growth
Built for crew engagement growth
Trusted and loved technology
Trusted and loved technology
Hassle-free integrations
Hassle-free integrations

One application for crew work, life and communications

Technology loved by 400,000 crew professionals
Connect your crew to operations

We're transforming the distribution of vital operational information like:


  • Roster distribution
  • Review latest flight schedule
  • Duties changes and flight details
  • Upcoming duties and disruption notifications
  • Swap and Trades
The best solution for enterprise-grade messaging
Secure enterprise messaging

Through our secure and enterprise-grade messaging you can connect to your crew instantly in a way that modern workforces have come to expect:


  • Private and group chats
  • Delivery with push notification
  • Messages with read/confirm capability
  • Audit trail
  • Smart filters
Utilize location information to inform the right crew members
Location-based services

Provide instant location-based information to crew:


  • Airport check-in / check-out
  • Report as safe
Efficiency and relevancy results in optimized crew communication
Optimized crew communication

It's never been easier to filter and find crew based on:


  • Duties
  • Expiry Dates
  • Experience
  • Job Type
  • Advanced crew directories
Happy crews, happy operators.

CAE understands the daily challenges that operators and crews face.


We provide award-winning solutions for both crews and airlines.


Empower your crew with user friendly applications.


Make it simple for these applications to work with your existing IT ecosystem.


Communicate better and learn from that in future using AI

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