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What is it?


Our Crew Operations software is a robust cloud-based crew and aircraft resource management system that empowers airlines and business aircraft operators to automate their crew and aircraft scheduling, crew tracking, and governance from long-term to day-to-day operations.

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Crew Operations modules
CAE Rise™ app
Crew Pairing Management

Align monthly crew assignments with planned flight schedules and operators’ rules

CAE Rise™ app
Crew Scheduling

Crew scheduling capabilities that dynamically review options based on data insights

CAE Rise™ app
Crew Tracking

Real-time tracking of crews for performance monitoring, payments, and compliance

CAE Rise™ app
Crew Training

Manage certification and training schedules for your growing crew

CAE Rise™ app
Flight Operations

Support aircraft operations with scheduling, assignment, and flight logging

Why choose CAE's high-performance Crew Operations software

Seamless integration with other internal or third-party systems, helping operators scale and reduce manual & duplicate work


Fast and robust rules-engine that fully complies with regulations


Easy-to-use interfaces for efficient operations

Let powerful algorithms and analytics make sense of millions of data points to optimize your crew, flight, and operator performance.

35,000 Crew Members
1,400,000 Flights tracked
1,100 Daily Optimizations

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