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Optimizing Your Workforce Plan in Times of Crisis

Posted on Mar 15, 2020

In an unprecedented world event, many airlines have seen significant impacts due to COVID-19. Although the industry doubles every 10 years and is resilient to temporary changes in demand, significant short-term challenges exist when responding to this kind of industry disruption.

Our team has been hard at work devising new solutions to help airlines combat the business impact of world events such as COVID-19.

The solution, called “Emergency Response Optimization Service” is built on our powerful crew optimization software, which been proven with world-leading performance (including 2-10% crew savings in typical benchmarks), has the fastest onboarding in the market, and comes with expert consulting services to assist in dynamic configuration and results interpretation.

With a lot of decisions being made quickly in the face of COVID-19, you may be unsure how they will play out in the next 3 – 6 months. Many airlines still leverage spreadsheet-based planning approaches, and this can limit the ability to create multiple holistic scenarios that explore options quickly. With, an airline can:

  • Moving 2020 leave already awarded forward, if possible
  • Moving a portion of 2021 leave allocation forward, perhaps by offering incentives
  • Trading off advancing training and the associated training/salary costs, with reduced second half 2020 hiring
  • Calculating minimum crew scenarios that include monthly target efficiency vs any salary minimums
  • Evaluating scenarios exploring impact of purposeful decrease of pairing efficiency (to minimize operational costs)

For airlines whose workforce plans call for specific levels of crew efficiency, our world-leading pairing optimization service is also available as an option for the Emergency Recovery Optimization Service. We have benchmarked this solution to find 2-5% additional efficiencies over and above airlines already using other popular optimization solutions. Identifying true operational minimums can provide an additional level of certainty when making short term cost cutting decisions.

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