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ATPL Theory

The ATPL Theory Distance Learning programme is EASA compliant, provides a flexible approach to learning, and can be completed at home and at your own pace. You will have the full support of our professional instructors and CAE will equip you with the right tools, including our online learning management system (LMS) and ATPL e-books, to successfully complete CAE’s approved Distance Learning programme.

The course is divided into 2 distinct phases. The phases are split into 18 frames, each of which will take approximately 15 hours of study to complete. At the end of each frame you will be required to complete an assessment test.

As the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requires that you complete at least 10% of your training in a classroom environment, you will attend  CAE’s 2 weeks Skills Revision Classes which are run on a regular basis throughout the year. You have to complete a total of 4 weeks of Skills Revision Classes through our Distance Learning course - 2 weeks for each phase.

Professional instructors are available to answer your questions via phone and email throughout the duration of your course.

Course Outline

Total of 650 hours

  • 530 hours home study & tests
  • 120 hours classroom revision (4 Weeks Full-Time)
What’s Included?

As an ATPL distance learner with CAE you will:

  • Receive a set of CAE ATPL e-books
  • Benefit from expert instruction - through regular feedback and online support
  • Benefit from a carefully constructed course with regular assessment of your progress
  • Access to the online Learning Management System with Computer-Based Training (CBT) software and an extensive EASA ATPL question bank
  • Receive 2 weeks of EASA Theoretical Knowledge Revision classes before each set of EASA examinations
Eligibility Requirements
  • A minimum standard in Maths, Science and English
  • PPL issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
  • EASA Class 1 Medical
Online Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS has been designed to provide direct and easy access to the latest information for Distance Learning students. At present the site contains the following:

  • A diary page - Contains the 2 week classroom revision course dates.
  • Access to online assessment tests.
  • CBT/Media Centre - Access to Computer-Based Training software (CBT). This offers a valuable complement to your correspondence course.
  • Exam feedback - an extensive EASA ATPL question bank.

Within the LMS you will have access to our full range of Computer-Based Training (CBT) for the ATPL subjects.

Each subject is separated into topics and under each topic you can access the CBT lesson. There is also a short test at the end of each topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where do I take the EASA examinations?

The exams can be undertaken at any CAA Examination Centre - Oxford, Gatwick, Silsoe and Glasgow. Exam fees are not included.

Q. What portion of this programme can be taken online (distance learning) versus in a classroom environment?

You are required to attend 4 weeks of EASA Theoretical Knowledge Revision classes. You can attend CAE’s Skills Revision Classes. Each Skills Revisions Classes are offered over 2 weeks. You would thus need to attend 2 CAE Skills Revision classes to comply with EASA’s requirement.

Q. Can I complete the programme faster if I am a quick learner?

Yes you may, quoted study times for Distance Learning represent average times only. Actual times may vary considerably depending upon individual experience and abilities. You must however complete the four-weeks of EASA Theoretical Knowledge Revision classes.

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