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CAE Women in Flight Ambassador Program

Creating a movement that encourages young girls and women to dream big and have no limits.

Join the movement. Move to the front of the plane, the very front.
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Paving the way for the future generation

The Women in Flight Program is an exciting initiative to encourage more female pilots to pursue a career in aviation.

How? Simple.

CAE collaborates with renowned airlines around the world to offer recipients a scholarship to one of CAE’s recognized training schools. By becoming a Women In Flight recipient, you not only become an ambassador for the program, but for the aviation industry as a whole.

Join the movement and help inspire little girls, teens, and women around the world to soar through the sky. Will you be our next ambassador?

Did you know that women only make up 5% of professional pilots worldwide?

The same is true of cadets in training! CAE’s Women in Flight scholarship program is all about shaping the lives of our future female pilots. #CAEWomeninFlight recipients are a community of awesome ambassadors who want to share the ins and outs of pilot life with you, the future of the aviation industry. Interested in learning what it's like to be a pilot? Follow @caepilot on Instagram or Facebook, or the CAE LinkedIn page, and get the scoop.

Meet Lauren Beam, our latest Women In Flight winner (and pilot superstar)

“I am gifted with the opportunity to help women achieve their piloting dreams.  We are a generation of women who are intelligent and resourceful, work well with adversity, strive to reach our goals, have a strong work ethic, value respect and kindness, and understand the need for a healthy balance in life.

It is my goal to encourage women such as these to realize their aspirations of becoming a pilot.”


Meet the 2019 CAE Women in Flight ambassadors

The time is now!

CAE’s Women in Flight program has been around since 2018, and we’ve had amazing success providing scholarships to women around the world. We’re committed to the advancement of women in aviation like no other training organization and as industry leaders, we want to do more.

Let’s take it to the next level. We want to transform, inspire, and pave the way for the future generation. Be the next Women in Flight ambassador. Break the glass ceiling and reach for the stars.

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