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Encouraging women to pursue their dreams as professional pilots

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The 2020 edition of the women in flight scholarship program is now closed.

The CAE Women in Flight scholarship program encourages exceptional women to become professional pilots. Every year, CAE will award up to five full paid scholarships to aspiring female pilots, across its global training network. The scholarship recipients will become role models, tasked with the mission to inspire more women to join them in the flight deck! 

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How does the scholarship work? A scholarship + a pilot job.

Five candidates will each receive a fully paid scholarship to cover the entire cost of their cadet pilot training, including accommodation and travel, applicable to one of CAE’s participating airline-mentored cadet training programs. Upon successful completion of training, the selected candidates will either commence or have the opportunity to secure their first pilot job* and fly with one of the participating airlines.

* subject to meeting airlines' conditions

Why do we need more women in the flight deck?

CAE is committed like no other training organization to the advancement of women in aviation to broaden the civil aviation talent pool. Today, women make up only 5% of professional pilots worldwide. The same is true of cadets in training. Unlike many other traditionally male-dominated professions, the aviation industry is still not attracting enough women. The CAE Women in Flight scholarship program aims to develop the industry’s future women pilot ambassadors in hopes of addressing the underrepresentation of women in this profession.

CAE’s Sky’s No Limit – Redressing the Gender Imbalance in Aviation

Discover this and more in the updated 2020 CAE Airline and Business Jet Pilot Demand Outlook

What does it mean to be a #CAEWomeninFlight?

Scholarship recipients will become ambassadors, entrusted to share their passion for aviation to inspire the next generation of women pilots. CAE will follow the scholarship recipients throughout their journey to the flight deck and their first few years as a professional pilot; providing regular updates through social media and sharing their experience at aerospace and women in aviation events.

Meet the 2019 CAE Women in Flight ambassadors

Georgina Thomas-Watson

 Click to enlarge

Daniela Saucedo

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Who are the participating airlines?

Airlines have joined forces with CAE to improve the gender imbalance in the cockpit. Their respective CAE Women in Flight ambassador will become a pilot and continue her work as a female pilot public figure for the first two years of her professional pilot career*. CAE’s shared mission with the airlines will thus span the course of several years, enabling a true impact on gender diversity in this profession.

* subject to meeting airlines' conditions

The 2019 Edition
  • Aeromexico
  • American Airlines
  • AirAsia
  • CityJet
  • easyJet

The 2020 Edition

Southwest Airlines

What does it take to become a #CAEWomeninFlight?

This one-of-a-kind program is competitive, and we are looking for women who demonstrate leadership, passion, involvement in their communities, team-work abilities, communication skills, perseverance, and who love the thought of being at the command of an aircraft!

Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship?

You must be eligible to apply to one of our cadet pilot training programs listed below to qualify for the CAE Women in Flight scholarship.

Please carefully read the entry requirements of each cadet pilot training program open for applications to validate your eligibility.

Southwest Airlines – Destination 225° Cadet Pathway

Visit the program page for more info:

  • Possess a USA DOT/FAA First-Class Medical Certificate
  • Have or be able to obtain a valid passport with the ability to travel in and out of the United States
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalency
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Be authorized to work in the U.S. on a full-time basis without the need for company sponsorship of an employment-based visa now or in the future
  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application
  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English
  • Be able to pass the prescreening requirements needed for employment at Southwest Airlines® (e.g. drug testing and background check)
  • Be able to relocate for the duration of the program and future job opportunities
  • Demonstrate the ability to pay out-of-pocket or secure financing for the total amount of the program (more details on financing the program are available here).


How do I apply?

Phase 1: Apply to a cadet pilot training program

Are you eligible to apply to one of the cadet pilot training programs mentioned above? If you are, please follow the links below to apply.

  • Destination 225° Cadet Pathway
    Visit and click on “apply now”. Once you have submitted your application, you must save the training request number in your files. You will be required to provide this number when you submit your CAE Women in Flight scholarship application.

Phase 2: Apply to the CAE Women in Flight scholarship program
  1. Register or login to the application portal.
    • New to CAE? Please register here
    • Already have an account? Please login here
  2. Select “CAE Women in Flight” in the “please select a program” dropdown menu.
  3. Click on “Create a new training request” in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Complete the required fields (Please see the “video submission” section below for more information about this step)
  5. Click on “next” at the bottom of the page. This “next” button will submit your application and you will immediately receive a confirmation email validating that we have received your application. You will also see a page entitled “your documents” but no action is required from you here.

The selection process

Video Submission

We want to get to know you better! Please submit a video of yourself.


  • Answer all questions available here.
  • Ask a friend to film you or record yourself. You can use your phone or any camera.
  • Please make sure that you are filming in a well-light area so that we can see you well.
  • Be audible. We need to hear you well!
  • Answer all questions. Please read the questions out loud or edit them as text in your frame before answering each question. You don’t need to answer the questions in the order provided in the document, you can switch it up, so long as you answer all questions.
  • Your video should not be any longer than 10 minutes.
  • Be natural and be yourself. You can feel free to tell us more about yourself and talk about anything you’d like. You will not be rated negatively should you choose not to share more information. 
  •  You are allowed to edit your video and be creative with the format/presentation but it is not a criteria that will have an impact on your application. 
  • Upload your video to youtube as an unlisted link.
  • Copy your video’s URL (link to your video) and paste in the “your video” field in your CAE Women in Flight scholarship application

Watch the 2019 CAE Women in Flight Scholarship Recipients’ Video Submissions

Daniela Saucedo

  Watch Video

Bisma Petafi

  Watch Video

Georgina Thomas-Watson

  Watch Video
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q.    Is there a CAE Women in Flight scholarship application fee? If yes, how can I pay for it?

You are required to pay the application fees associated to applying to the CAE Women in Flight scholarship participating airline-mentored cadet training program of your choice. 

Q.    What are the costs covered by the CAE Women in Flight scholarship? What’s included/not included?

Your full tuition and accommodations and travel fees are covered.

Q.    I’m not able to create a log in to apply, I’m having difficulties. Who can I contact?

Please e-mail [email protected] and include your full name, the airline-mentored cadet training program you are applying to, and a general description of the problem. 

Q.   What supporting documents should I submit while applying?

Program specific document instructions are provided within the online application system and on the website of the airline cadet training program you are applying for. 

While applying to CAE Women in Flight Scholarship program, you must also submit your YouTube video. Instructions on how to apply for the scholarship are available on our website at Please contact [email protected] should you have any additional questions.

Q.    When will the airline cadet training program begin?

Program start dates are set by the airline-mentored cadet training programs, and not by CAE Women in Flight. Contact the airline-mentored cadet training program representative to know about the program start dates.

Q.    When are applications closing for the scholarship?

Application submission deadline is April 17, 2020 for those applying to the Destination 225° Cadet Pathway

Q.    I might miss the application deadline; can I have an extension?

Deadline extensions will not be permitted.

Q.    I made a mistake on my submitted application. Can I edit the information?

Only very limited edits can be made to your online application after it has been submitted. If you need to update other information, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

For changes to personal information login to your MyCAETrainingPortal, select the training requests tab and proceed with your edits.

Q.    What is the status of my cadet training program application?

Many airline cadet training programs take several weeks to evaluate applications. The status of your application will be updated once the results of your assessments have been successful.

Q.    What is the status of my CAE Women in Flight scholarship application?

The status of your CAE Women in Flight scholarship application will be updated once your application to the cadet program has been assessed. If your application has been selected, CAE’s Women in Flight scholarship selection committee will contact you to advise on the next steps. 

To be noted – if you received an email advising that your application to the cadet training program is unsuccessful, your application to the CAE Women in Flight scholarship will no longer be considered.

Q.    I uploaded my video. Can you confirm that you have received it?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your application has been successfully submitted.

Q.    My address has changed since I submitted my application. Can I update it?

Only very limited edits can be made to your online application after it has been submitted. You can edit your personal profile by logging in to your MyCAETrainingPortal and by selecting the profile tab.

Q.    I no longer wish to apply. Can I retract my application?

Yes, you may retract your application by e-mailing [email protected] to permanently delete your records.

Q.    How long is the selection process?

The selection process will vary based on the airline-mentored cadet training program that you have applied to. Many programs take several weeks (approximately 3-6 months) to evaluate applications. A training advisor will notify you about the next available assessment dates once your application is deemed complete.

Q.   How and when will I know if I got selected as a CAE Women in Flight scholarship recipient?

 The CAE Women in Flight scholarship committee will contact you via e-mail or by telephone. The selection process can take several weeks (approximately 3-6 months). If you don’t receive an e-mail and you are still undergoing the assessment process of the CAE airline-mentored cadet training program to which you applied, you can assume that your CAE Women in Flight application is still being considered.

Q.   If my application is active with one of the programs, can I now apply to CAE Women in Flight?

Yes, you may apply to the CAE Women in Flight scholarship program. Read all the information on how to apply at and make sure you have your training request number/application number on hand.

Q.    Will this program be open next year?

Yes, further announcement regarding next year’s participating airlines will be communicated in the future. You can subscribe to receive program updates and be notified about next year’s initiative at

Q.    How do I upload my video?

In order to upload your video in your application, you must upload your video as an “unlisted video” on YouTube and copy paste the link in the “video submission” field on the portal.

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