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This programme is for individuals with the unrestricted right to live and work in Europe

This programme is for individuals with the unrestricted right to live and work in Europe

Programme Type
Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)


CityJet and CAE are seeking highly motivated candidates aspiring to rise as professional pilots within one of Europe’s fastest growing airlines. Successful candidates can expect world class training to the highest standard from CAE, the world’s leading pilot training organisation, and the opportunity to fly as a First Officer with CityJet.

Selected cadets will complete an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training course at CAE academies in Oxford, UK and Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Course Outline

The CityJet Climb High Mentored Cadet Programme is split into two primary stages:

  • Integrated Airline Transport License (ATPL) Training Course with CAE
  • Type Rating Training Course with CityJet Flight Training sponsored by CityJet
Phase Location Hours
Ground Training Oxford 750 Hours Classroom & CBT
Departure Brief Oxford 20 Hours
Single Pilot – CPL Foundation Flight Training Phoenix 10 Hours FNPTII Simulator

12.15 Hours Multi Engine Aircraft

120.15 Hours Single Engine Aircraft

2.5 Hours Skills Test
Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Phoenix 3 Hours
Arrival Brief Oxford 20 Hours
Single Pilot – Advanced Instrument Flight Training Oxford 30 Hours FNPTII

22.45 Hours Multi Engine Aircraft

2.5 Hours Skills Test
Multi-Crew Cooperation / Jet Orientation Course Oxford 36 Hours Jet Simulator
Total   239.15 Flight Training Hours
Investment & Funding
CityJet Climb High Mentored Cadet Programme - Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) 107,000.00 €

What’s included?

  • CityJet sponsored Type Rating Course 
  • Bucks New University ordinary level degree 
  • Return flights to Oxford, UK from Phoenix, USA 
  • Accommodation and daily transport in Oxford, UK & Phoenix, USA 
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) 
  • Uniform, flight bag, headset 
  • Access to learning management system and ATPL books 
  • M1 Visa 
  • USA (FAA) medical

What’s not included?

  • Living expenses such as meals and entertainment 
  • Medical exam for EASA Class 1 Medical – approximately £600 
  • Selection testing - approximately £435 

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Assessment & Selection

Selection Phase 1: Online Application

If you successfully meet the entry requirements you will be invited to Phase 2, assessment.

Selection Phase 2: Assessment Day

Assessment days are held in Oxford and or in Dublin and will include:

  • Computer-Based Testing (ADAPT)
  • FAST (Physical Assessment Stage)
  • Cognitive Questions
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Advanced Personal Questionnaire

Selection Phase 3: Group Activity & Personal Interview

Phase 3 will take place in Dublin, and will include:

  • Group Exercise
  • Personal interview

Selection Phase 4: Final Interview

The final stage will be an interview conducted by CityJet in Dublin.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Entitled to reside and work in the European Union
  • Free from any criminal record
  • No piercings or tattoos
  • You must have no more than a PPL license or 100 hours of flying experience
  • Must obtain a UK CAA issued EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate prior to commencement*
  • Able to fund the full cost of the initial CAE training course
  • Fluent in the English language with the potential to qualify at ICAO level 6
  • In possession of the following minimum educational qualifications:


School Leaving Certificate with 6 subjects including mathematics, English and a science subject, with a minimum of D1 in higher mathematics, or B3 in Ordinary math’s, with a C3 or higher in 3 honour subjects.


An Honour Degree above 3.0 or a pass or higher award in a higher degree such as MSc, MA, MPhil, DPhil, PhD, MBA.

United Kingdom:

  • 5 GCSEs at Grade C or above, including English Language, Mathematics and a Science (single or double award), excluding General Studies.
  • Either 3 A-Levels at Grades BCC or above, excluding General Studies and Critical thinking.


An Honours Degree above 3.0 or a pass or higher in a higher degree such as MSc, MA, MPhil, DPhil, PhD, MBA.

Other Countries:

Candidates must demonstrate that they can meet the equivalent of the minimum educational standard required of Irish educated candidates.

* Applicants who already possess a Class 1 Medical Certificate from an EASA member state besides the UK may start the course, but must move their Medical Records to the UK CAA before course completion. This is because their license will be issued by the UK CAA and EASA regulations require a pilot’s Medical Certificate and Medical Examination Records to be held by the same member state that issues the pilot’s license.

Please note: CityJet will be involved in the assessment process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I apply for the programme if I already have extensive flying experience?

To qualify for consideration under the programme, you must have no more than a PPL License or 100 hour of flying experience.

Q. Can I apply now and defer my start date for a year in order to finish university or other commitments?

No, successful applicants do not have the option to defer a place on a training course. The successful students must be available to commence training at the programme start date.  

Q. How good does my English need to be to apply?

The only specific English requirement is that you must have a secondary school English qualification equal to or exceeding UK GCSE at grade C or higher or Leaving Certificate English or equivalent. All candidates must be able to achieve an EASA Level 5 English level or higher.

Q. Is previous flight training experience or a PPL required?

No. Whilst PPL experience can sometimes be a useful indicator of an applicant's interest in flying, we do understand that many applicants may not have had the means, or opportunity, to take flying lessons and the course structure reflects this. It is worthwhile however to do one or two introductory flights to see if flying really is for you!

Q. Must I already possess an EASA class 1 medical to apply?

No, but prior to entering training, a cadet pilot must hold a valid UK CAA issues EASA Class 1 medical certificate*. In the UK these are issued at the Civil Aviation Authority's medical centre near London Gatwick Airport.

Before applying, we require all prospective candidates to study, in detail, the requirements of the EASA Class 1 initial medical validation process, which can be found on the UK CAA’s website here:

* Applicants who already possess a Class 1 Medical Certificate from an EASA member state besides the UK may start the course, but must move their Medical Records to the UK CAA before course completion. This is because their license will be issued by the UK CAA and EASA regulations require a pilot’s Medical Certificate and Medical Examination Records to be held by the same member state that issues the pilot’s license. If this applies to you and you are chosen for the CityJet Climb High Progamme, you will need to seek advice from CAE OAA when you enroll on the course about how to move your Medical records to the UK.

Q. Do I need to take out specific insurance for the duration of my Ab Initio training?

CAE provides all basic regulatory insurance required throughout training. However we do advise that you take out additional insurance, including but not limited to: Loss of medical insurance and additional travel insurance for the USA.

Q. I have already passed the APPFO skills assessment and applied for the standard BBVA professional studies loan. Should I continue my loan application?

For those applicants who are not selected for the CityJet Climb High Mentored Cadet Programme, we hope you would still look to enroll on an APP FIRST OFFICER course. Therefore, you should continue your existing loan application concurrently with the CAE/ CityJet selection process. This will ensure your APP FIRST OFFICER course commencement will not be delayed unnecessarily should you not be selected for the CityJet Mentored Cadet Programme

Q. Will I be required to occupy CAE accommodation during the course?

Yes, based on CAE and CityJet’s experience, mentored students perform better on the course when they support each other day-to-day. The cost of accommodation is covered in the course price.

Q. Can I apply if I have also applied for another airline and was not successful?

Yes. Candidates who have previously applied for other programmes are eligible to apply for the CityJet Climb High Mentored Cadet Programme regardless of the outcome of the previous applications. The eligibility criteria, selection process and personal traits are different for each airline, meaning you may have a successful outcome in this selection. It will not be flagged that you have applied previous to another course and this will be seen as a first attempt.

Q. Does the skills assessment fee include accommodation?

The fee does not include accommodation. Our accommodation team is available to assist with reservations in our Halls of Residence or with referrals to accommodation options near to the airport. Please call +44 1865 840313 to speak to one of our accommodation advisors.

Q. How can I best prepare for the skills assessment for this programme?

CityJet and CAE have a strong preference for applicants whose natural aptitude, educational background and life experience have already prepared them for the rigors of the course so we do not recommend extensive preparation for the assessment. For those who have been out of school for a few years, however, it would be worth revising UK GCSE level mathematics and physics.

For this we recommend:

◦ Completion of our mental maths training module which is free for you to access. Simply register an account at our CAE Oxford Interactive Learning website. Once you are logged in, you can access the mental maths quiz here. Please note that this Online CBT will run on any platform that supports the Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave Plugins. Further details are available on our support page.

◦ Purchase CAE Oxford Interactive Learning's Essential Mathematics and Essential Physics computer based training software on, or order by phone on +44 1865 844 290.

It should go without saying that applicants should learn as much about CityJet as they can by researching the company and becoming familiar with their ethos, values, bases, fleet’s, timeliness record, financial performance and management structure, etc.

Q. How much will it cost me to apply?

There is no fee required to submit the initial online application. In the event you are invited to attend for Stage 2 a fee will apply. There is no fee for final interview with CityJet in Dublin, however you must fund your travel expenses and accommodation.

Q. How will I be advised of my progress?

On completion of each stage of the selection process, CAE will advise all applicants by email whether they have been successful or unsuccessful. The successful group will then be advised of arrangements for the next stage.

Q. If I am successful, will my training progress at Oxford be monitored?

During all stages of training, progress will be monitored by both CityJet and CAE. A CityJet representative will attend CAE at points during the training to meet the Cadets and review progress. Though unlikely, airline support could be withdrawn in the event that such progress is judged unsatisfactory after careful consideration and guidance.

Q. What are my chances of success?

CityJet prides itself on our training and our high standard of pilots. We are looking for high caliber, motivated individuals who will fit with our Airline and who will progress to Captain our aircraft and enjoy a long-standing career with us. The number of places available is limited to 10, so inevitably not all of those who meet the initial selection requirements will be offered a place on programme, however that should not discourage you from applying as you may be exactly what we are looking for! If you are not successful this time, CityJet would welcome you to apply again in the future as people grow with experience.

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