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CAE is the pilot training partner of choice of the world’s aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Entrusted with recruiting and training future pilots for partner airlines worldwide, our global aviation academy network graduates over 1000 new pilots each year.



Providing cadets with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them safely and efficiently fly commercial airliners, our programmes are taught by hands-on, expert instructors who bring real world experience into the classroom learning environment. In addition, CAE operates aircraft equipped with custom flight data management systems and traffic awareness technology. 


Job Support…

Upon completion of training, we have a dedicated team to work with each cadet to help them gain employment. As a training leader in the industry our pilots are sought after to join airlines located around the world. No other organisation places more pilots with more airlines than CAE.


Family Feel.

We are committed to working with you and your son or daughter every step of the way to ensure their dream of becoming a pilot is fulfilled.



Investing in a career as a professional airline pilot is a significant decision for you and your family. While competitively priced and offering unmatched value given our high placement rate, CAE ab initio pilot training is still a significant investment. Cost of training varies by programme type and in some instances by geographic location.  Contact a CAE Training Advisor to learn about our partnerships with independent organisations who will be able to offer finance solutions and support.

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