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How do you better train a pilot? With better training systems.

CAE Rise™ Training System is backed by industry-leading technology that enables instructors to deliver training in line with airlines’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Key benefits of the system include the capability to objectively assess pilot competencies in real-time and to provide insightful training analytics.

Electronic Training Suite

The Electronic Training Suite includes lesson plans, instructor grading, and records. Lesson plans are created in conjunction with operators and consist of a series of training tasks to be performed in each training session. Grading capabilities allow instructors to assess task performance as well as pilot competencies. At the end of each session, instructors and pilots must sign off electronically. Results are securely stored as electronic records.

SOP Management Tool

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Management Tool is configured in collaboration with operators. Integrated into the Electronic Training Suite, CAE Rise™ links extracts from the operations manual to corresponding training tasks. Accessible off-line ahead of the training session, and in real-time during each training manoeuvre, instructors can more easily identify deviations and reinforce operator SOP specifics.

Objective Assessment

The Objective Assessment (OA) capability captures live data during training sessions and provides instructors with better inputs than can be seen with the naked eye. Collected parameters are analyzed by the assessment and grading engine, allowing instructors to provide more impactful feedback and increase their focus on human factors. Suggested OA grades and training manoeuvre scorecards support the delivery of standardized training.

Data Analytics

Utilizing dashboards, Data Analytics (DA) summarizes performance trends for comparison within an operator’s pilot/instructor pool and across the industry. Dashboards allow potential proficiency gaps to be identified and addressed more rapidly and for subsequent curriculum changes to be implemented. With CAE Rise™, operators gain access to a new data source that, combined with existing flight and training data, can further evolve the training programs.

"CAE Rise™ also augments the instructors' capability to identify pilot proficiency gaps and evolve our airline partners' training programs to the most advanced aviation safety standards, including AQP/ATQP and Evidence-Based-Training (EBT) methodologies".

Nick Leontidis
CAE's Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions

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