Optimize your crew.
Reinvent performance.

How much can CAE Crew Optimization save your operation?

Innovative airlines are pushing digital boundaries as they search out new levels of efficiency, greater operational visibility and increased demands for flexibility. Our cloud-based optimization solutions help shape crew plans with a new level of precision, improve efficiency by evaluating thousands of scenarios, and enhance schedule robustness to protect against disruption.

Unlike other optimizers that evaluate individual goals one by one, our optimization engine puts the power of cloud computing at your fingertips to look for potential efficiencies holistically.

Benchmarked with over 40 airlines, our Pairing Optimizer has been proven to deliver efficiencies of 5% against other well-tuned optimizers, and 10% for airlines with more manual scheduling approaches.

Discover how much you could save annually by using our saving’s estimator and connecting directly with a CAE team member.