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CAE supports the training needs of pilots, rear crew, sensor operators and maintenance crews on a broad range of military aircraft platforms, including combat aircraft, lead-in fighter trainers, special mission platforms such as maritime patrol aircraft, tanker/transport aircraft, helicopters and remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) / unmanned aerial systems (UAS).  In the air market, we continue to invest in research and development to expand our TSI capabilities to meet our customers’ mission critical needs for safety, efficiency, and mission readiness.

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Pilot Training

Aeromedical Evacuation Training System

Military aeromedical evacuation and air ambulance crews need to be prepared to handle a range of patient health-related issues that may occur during

CAE Mission Crew Trainer

Airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) relies heavily on airborne assets to acquire, process, and pass information in a responsive and timely manner.

CAE Tactical Mission Trainer

In today’s network-centric environment, the sensors and systems being used to capture data and support operational and tactical decision-making are becoming


Fast jet aircraft serve a variety of roles, including multi-role, air-to-air combat, ground attack and specialized training tasks. Today’s fast jet

Fuselage trainers (Loadmaster)

Loadmasters are responsible for the supervision of a wide assortment of cargo being loaded and off-loaded from an aircraft

Gunnery Trainer

CAE supports a range of solutions to meet door gunnery training needs for primarily rotary-wing platforms.  CAE’s door gunner solutions


Helicopter pilots today are operating highly specialized, complex helicopters for an array of missions, including attack, tactical support, troop transport, search and rescue,

Maintenance Crew

CAE Simfinity™ Virtual Maintenance Trainer CAE’s Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) integrates theory with practical skills, and delivers a high-fidelity immersive

Maritime Patrol

Maritime patrol aircrews are operating in increasingly harsh and demanding environments as they perform a range of missions, including surveillance, search and rescue,

Tanker Trainers - Air Refueling

CAE has extensive experience developing part-task trainers specifically designed for training boom operators and air refueling officers.  CAE has expertise in visual


For decades’ transport and tanker aircraft have been used globally by defence forces for combat, humanitarian missions, disaster relief, medevac and air

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Aircrew

Over the course of 70 years CAE has become a leading training systems integrator (TSI) and in recent years we have seen the size,

UAS Mission Trainer

The increasing demand for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also called remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), to support military operations is undeniable. Unmanned systems continue

Weapons Tactics Trainers

CAE’s rear-crew trainers are fundamental in fulfilling specific mission training requirements for back-end sensor crews. The CAE weapons tactics trainer (WTT)

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