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CAE Healthcare designed and delivered a turnkey healthcare simulation training centre in Turkmenistan to advance medical education in pre- and post-graduate medicine, nursing and paramedic education. The centre was built in cooperation with public entities and private contractors, and was the first of its kind to offer multi-disciplinary medical simulation training in Turkmenistan.

The new educational centre was designed and built through an agreement with Gap Insaat and the Turkmenistan Ministry of Health, with CAE Healthcare acting as subcontractor of Gap Insaat for the Ilim Bilim Merkezi simulation centre. The seven-story building houses a research centre on three floors and the CAE Healthcare simulation training centre on four of the floors. The hands-on training centre includes simulated emergency and intensive care rooms, operating rooms, standardized patient examination rooms, nursing laboratories, wet and dry laboratories for surgical education, a debriefing area and an ambulance bay.

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CAE Healthcare Turnkey Solution - TürkmenSim International Simulation Center

CAE Healthcare Turnkey Solution - TürkmenSim International Simulation Center

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