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Training systems

CAE offers a comprehensive portfolio of training systems and expertise in the implementation of a range of simulation-based capabilities across the air, maritime, land, cyber, space, and public safety market segments. 

CAE offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of training systems related to aircrew training. CAE’s portfolio ranges from digitally-enabled courseware and desktop trainers to fixed-based flight training devices and the highest fidelity full-mission simulators.  We support military forces by providing pilot, rear crew, sensor operator and maintenance crew training systems on a broad range of military aircraft platforms, including combat aircraft, lead-in fighter trainers, special mission platforms such as maritime patrol aircraft, tanker/transport aircraft, helicopters and remotely piloted aircraft (RPA).

We provide a wide-ranging suite of simulation-based training systems to help train maritime personnel for whole ship operations and the variety of systems and subsystems found on naval vessels.

We offer a range of systems related to training ground forces, including solutions for direct and indirect fire, close air support, forward observation, driver and crew gunnery training, and command and staff training. 

We provide simulation-based training solutions to help the public safety community save lives and property by providing critical capabilities to plan, prepare, respond and recover from emergencies caused by natural, accidental or malicious events.

Our comprehensive training and mission rehearsal solutions can be performed via the full-spectrum of CAE’s integrated live-virtual-constructive capabilities to ensure training is immersive, realistic, and distributed to help prepare your personnel for mission readiness.

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Pilot Training

As defence and security forces around the world prepare to extend their use of simulation-based training to prepare their aircrews for the highest levels of mission readiness; CAE remains uniquely focused in offering the most current and extensiverange of integrated training and simulation solutions that are designed to enhance safety, efficiency and readiness.

CAE Trax Academy

Faster, better and more efficient pilot throughput. The CAE Trax Academy is the industry’s most advanced self-paced training continuum for military student pilots...

CAE Sprint

The CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer is CAE’s latest product innovation leveraging present day digital technologies for self-paced learning. Comprised of a virtual reality headset, haptics, physical flight controls...

CAE MAVRC™ Trainer

The CAE MAVRC™ Trainer (Mission Augmented Virtual Reality/Rear Crew Trainer) is one of CAE’s latest product innovations that leverages mixed reality technologies to create a digitally immersive and optimal training environment for rear crew...

CAE Rise™

CAE Rise is a data-driven training system that leverages big data analytics to make training more objective, efficient and effective. The system gives instructors’ the ability to deliver standardized training and objectively assess pilot competencies...

CAE MR Series

CAE’s MR (Mission Reality) Series is the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of simulation products designed for all phases of fixed-wing and rotary-wing training for military aircrews.

RPA Training Solutions

Remotely piloted aircraft provide strategic capabilities and key operational effects to military forces around the world, and their role will

Combat Information Centre (CIC)/Operations Room Trainer

CAE provides a fully reconfigurable combat information centre (CIC) simulation solution (also referred as the Operations Room).  This is...

Action Speed Tactical Trainer (ASTT)

CAE's action speed tactical trainer (ASTT) is a comprehensive simulation-based system designed to conduct immersive, realistic naval operations training. The...

Aeromedical Evacuation Training System
Air Public Safety & Security

Military aeromedical evacuation and air ambulance crews need to be prepared to handle a range of patient health-related issues that may...

Air Defence Training Systems

CAE provides a comprehensive range of ground-based air defence (GBAD) trainers and simulators to armed forces worldwide. These trainers also...

CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment (DSE)
Air Land Maritime

Militaries are turning to cost-effective alternatives such as the use of simulation and synthetic environments to prepare their personnel for analysis,...

CAE Emmersion
Public Safety & Security

CAE Emmersion is based on the CAE GESI constructive simulation system used extensively by armies for command and staff training. It...


CAE's GESI is a constructive simulation system designed to run complex and comprehensive joint and combined exercises at both tactical...

CAE GESI-SiTA Classroom Trainer

By evolving the CAE GESI constructive simulation system, CAE has created an advanced simulation tool called CAE GESI-SiTA (Simulation-based Tactical training...

CAE Healthcare
Public Safety & Security

CAE Healthcare is a division of CAE, a global leader in delivery of training for the civil aviation, defence and security,...

CAE Medallion-6000XR Image Generator
Air Land Maritime

The CAE Medallion-6000XR is the latest member of CAE's powerful Medallion image generator family and was developed with full...

CAE Mission Crew Trainer

Airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) relies heavily on airborne assets to acquire, process, and pass information in a responsive and...

CAE Simfinity™ Virtual Maintenance Trainers for Armoured Vehicle Fleets

For years, military maintenance training has been a collection of classrooms, computers, and on-the-job training. However, changing demographics, next generation learning...

CAE Tactical Mission Trainer

In today’s network-centric environment, the sensors and systems being used to capture data and support operational and tactical decision-making...

CAE Virtual Paramedic
Public Safety & Security

The rapidity of response and the quality of intervention from first responder paramedics called to the scene of a mass casualty...

Display Systems
Air Land Maritime

CAE has experience in building, designing and integrating every type of simulation display system on the market. This expertise in high-resolution...

Driver Training Systems

CAE is a leading provider of simulation-based training solutions for armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) crews, including drivers, gunner/operators and commanders....

Fuselage trainers (Loadmaster)

Loadmasters are responsible for the supervision of a wide assortment of cargo being loaded and off-loaded from an aircraft


Military commanders and their staff need to be prepared to operate in complex, mission-critical environments and make quick, informed decisions based...

Gunnery Trainer

CAE supports a range of solutions to meet door gunnery training needs for primarily rotary-wing platforms.  CAE’s door...

Indirect Fire Trainers

CAE has an extensive track record of successfully delivering high quality, complex training systems to armies around the world.  CAE...

Integrated Learning Environment (ILE)
Public Safety & Security

CAE’s Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) is a collection of commercial off-the-shelf enterprise class applications that facilitates content creation and...

Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB)
Air Land Maritime

Governments and defence forces are increasingly looking to high performance synthetic environments to accomplish more of their training, mission rehearsal and...

Our role as a TSI

CAE partners with naval customers to address specific requirements to integrate legacy or planned third-party operator training systems, simulators and courseware....

Presagis Modelling and Simulation Tools
Public Safety & Security

Presagis is a global leader providing commercial modeling, simulation and embedded software solutions to the aerospace, defense, security, and critical infrastructure...

Synthetic Environments
Air Land Maritime

Realistic, fully photo textured, 3D synthetic environments are at the heart of every visual system by providing the visual cues required...

Tactical Brief/Debrief Capability

CAE’s naval products and wider TSI solutions will always include recording capabilities to allow instructors and students to debrief...

Tactics and Procedures Trainers

CAE can provide varying levels of training simulators in support of armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) battlefield tactics and procedures. In essence,...

Tank/AFV Direct Fire Trainers

CAE designs, manufactures, and supports a wide range of simulators to meet all direct fire training needs for armoured fighting vehicles ...

Tank/AFV Maintenance Trainers

Through the acquisition of RTI International’s Technology Assisted Learning (TAL) business unit in 2011, CAE significantly expanded its land simulation...

Tanker Trainers - Air Refueling

CAE has extensive experience developing part-task trainers specifically designed for training boom operators and air refueling officers.  CAE has expertise...

Rear-Crew Tactics Trainers

CAE’s rear-crew trainers are fundamental in fulfilling specific mission training requirements for back-end sensor crews. The CAE rear-crew tactics...