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Militaries are turning to cost-effective alternatives such as the use of simulation and synthetic environments to prepare their personnel for analysis, training and mission rehearsal, and operational decision-making.

CAE has developed the CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment (DSE) that aims to create and maintain a virtual synthetic environment that more accurately and realistically simulates the real world. Based on the Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB), CAE’s DSE enables defence forces to train and acquire critical skills in a constantly changing and evolving synthetic environment. CAE’s DSE allows for the real-time modification of the database as it responds to actions taken by players interacting with the synthetic environment, environmental effects, or by computer-generated entities in the scenario. CAE had four primary objectives guiding the development of the CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment:

  • Dynamic – the synthetic environment database had to have the ability to change anywhere in the world in real-time without advance preparation;  
  • Persistence – once the synthetic environment changes as a result of any interaction with the synthetic environment, such as weather or a bomb detonating, those changes had to “persist” in real-time; 
  • Scalable – the synthetic environment needed to support single users on a mobile or laptop-based system all the way up to large, distributed live-virtual-constructive federations;  
  • Open – the underlying database architecture had to be based on an open specification to enforce correlation and interoperability. 

Because CAE’s Dynamic Synthetic Environment is based on the OGC CDB, the issues of database correlation and interoperability are eliminated, thus saving time, money and effort. Importantly, all synthetic environment content can be shared across all domains – air, land, naval, or joint. By using CAE’s DSE, defence forces can improve training, mission planning and rehearsal, and operational decision-making because the synthetic environment is more realistic and more accurately simulate the real world.

CAE DSE Dynamic Synthetic Environment

CAE DSE Dynamic Synthetic Environment

CAE Common Database CDB