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By evolving the CAE GESI constructive simulation system, CAE has created an advanced simulation tool called CAE GESI-SiTA (Simulation-based Tactical training for military Academies), dedicated and optimized for student education in a classroom environment. The CAE GESI-SiTA classroom trainer offers a unique foundation to experience and learn tactical basics at a new level of detail and interactivity. Specifically designed for military academies, CAE GESI-SiTA allows the student to become more immersed than before in real-world battlefield scenarios and in-depth tactical training. For the first time, clear and comprehensive illustrations of complex tactical situations are available, showing the relationship between forces, time and terrain.

The CAE GESI-SiTA classroom trainer supports flexible, easy to define setups, allowing self/individual, instructor-led or even collaborative training in working groups, fully configurable by the user. Using simulation technology, the tactical content expands upon previously limited teaching methods to deliver a higher level of transparency by visualizing the opportunities and constraints an operational situation presents. Comparisons can easily be drawn between opposing forces at any time via statistics or simulation replays, thus delivering better understanding and comprehension whilst also facilitating after action review. The classroom system allows for review of entire battles and illustrates key criteria such as force ratios, losses, lines of sight, logistic situations and any relevant data of the involved parties. The detail provided through CAE GESI-SiTA reveals the fundamental reasons for tactical developments in battlefield scenarios. Consequently, results become retraceable and credible with tactical outcomes more comprehensible. This makes CAE GESI-SiTA the ideal tool for in-depth education in a classroom environment. 



CAE GESI Constructive Simulation System