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Self-Paced, Real-time Insights for Next-Generation Training

The CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer is CAE’s latest product innovation leveraging present day digital technologies for self-paced learning. Comprised of a virtual reality headset, haptics, physical flight controls and the CAE Medallion image generator, it delivers a higher-fidelity and more realistic virtual environment than traditional VR trainers, including the ability to see and read cockpit instruments. The CAE Sprint VR trainer enables students to practice training tasks, procedures and maneuvers in an affordable, high-fidelity, immersive environment to master lessons at their own pace. Uniquely, CAE Sprint also features the CAE virtual coach with audio intervention and correction, as well as CAE Rise performance grading and assessment tools that objectively measure student progress and proficiency. This integrated suite of capabilities comes in a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) training device with an extremely small footprint.

Features of the CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) Trainer for Self-Paced Learning

High-fidelity, small footprint, immersive environment
CAE Medallion image generator
Virtual reality (VR) headset for out-the-window and cockpit instrument legibility
Haptics for dashboard instrumentation physical feedback
Physical (USB) controls: joystick, throttle, rudders
CAE Rise virtual coach (audio feedback for ongoing intervention and correction)
CAE Rise objective assessment for grading and performance feedback

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