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CAE's Information Request Manager (IRM) solution automates the flow of information by linking those who need information with those who have it for public safety and emergency management organizations.  The IRM allows for organizations with special security or privacy concerns to incorporate the appropriate markings and handling criteria into the information requests and reports. Additionally, large organizations or those working closely with others can set up inter-connected IRM systems to share information requests collaboratively while safeguarding sensitive information.  The IRM can support a wide variety of organizations and scenarios. A single IRM server can host a single large organization, a number of smaller ones, or a combination of large and small organizations. Multiple IRM servers can be inter-connected on the same network to provide additional flexibility. A multi-server network may be advantageous in situations where different organizations have different security or privacy issues, where the network infrastructure has bandwidth limitations, or where some parts of the network occasionally disconnect from the larger whole.



  • Faster information request responses;
  • Efficient handling of similar/duplicate information requests;
  • Flexible methods for providing responses;
  • Visibility into the information flow;
  • Management of bottlenecks;
  • Information privacy and sharing;
  • Full security/privacy marking of views and reports;
  • Full audit trail.


Program Example


CAE has designed the Information Request Manager (IRM) for the Canadian Forces Chief of Defense Intelligence.  The application is designed to allow staff and end-users to track intelligence request through a product lifecycle. One of the key functions is that users are encouraged to search and subscribe to existing or past requests for information, therefore reducing the number of requests that need to be processed. CAE released the IRM in 2006, and now provides lifecycle support and software updates.