The increasing demand for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also called remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), to support military operations is undeniable. Unmanned systems continue to grow in importance as a critical asset in modern combat. This insatiable demand has brought a range of challenges including training and preparing UAS pilots and sensor operators for future missions.

CAE designs and delivers a comprehensive UAS mission trainer suite based on an open architecture with commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and high fidelity simulation software. Customers benefit from greater flexibility for networking, distributed mission training and integration within a comprehensive training environment. The comprehensive solution also prepares the integrated mission team (pilot, payload specialist, and mission commander) in platform operating procedures, data interpretation and analysis and team interaction. CAE’s UAS Mission Trainer, ultimately, is a solution that helps minimize risks while reducing the need of training in live assets and helps prepare crews for mission readiness.

CAE’s best known product offering as a type-specific UAS mission trainer is the CAE Predator Mission Trainer (PMT), which is an integrated platform that combines the features of our proven UAS mission trainer with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.’s (GA-ASI) Predator-specific systems and models. The Predator Mission Trainer leverages CAE’s expertise in training and simulation with GA-ASI’s expertise on the Predator family of remotely piloted aircraft and ground control stations to offer the most realistic Predator training experience possible.

CAE is teamed with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. to provide the Italian Air Force with a mission trainer replicating both the MQ-1 Predator A and MQ-9 Predator B configurations. The high-fidelity Predator Mission Trainer will enable the Italian Air Force to conduct training for its Predator A and Predator B/MQ-9 pilots and sensor operators, thus allowing a rapid transition to flight operations without further training on the actual aircraft.

CAE Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training

CAE Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training

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