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A significant challenge of technology development is how well humans will learn, interact with, and exploit systems. Human capabilities, limitations, skills and needs are considered in all phases of CAE's design and development lifecycle. Human systems integration (HSI) is a multi-disciplinary field including human factors (HF), personnel, training, and system safety. CAE relies on HSI plans to ensure human requirements are considered within the design of every system integrated at all phases of development by way of an iterative user-centered design approach. CAE's HSI plans significantly reduce the lifecycle costs and ensure that the designs of our systems are ergonomics for maximized efficiency. 

Some of the human factors services we offer include: 

  • Human Systems Integration Planning;
  • Task Analysis;
  • Interface and Workspace Design;
  • User Evaluations;
  • Human Behaviour Modelling;
  • Simulation-based Design Reviews.