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Operational Products

CAE offers some unique products that we categorize as operational products because they are not training solutions, but rather an actual system used on operational platforms. Our operational system offering includes the magnetic anomaly detection-extended role (MAD-XR) system, integrated information environment (IIE) and the naval electronic warfare (EW) system.  These products integrate CAE's core technologies to provide customers with valuable, real-time data gathering to significantly improve efficiency and safety of personnel and equipment in a range of operational situations.

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Magnetic Anomaly Detection-Extended Role (MAD-XR)

CAE is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and integration of digital magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) systems. The company has been designing MAD systems for over 40 years and has delivered over 2,000 MAD systems and equipment to military forces around the world. Most of these systems have been installed on antisubmarine warfare (ASW) aircraft, including both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, and used primarily for the detection of submarines. CAE MAD-XR is a MAD sensor with reduced size, weight, and power requirements allowing the MAD system to continue to be used on traditional maritime patrol aircraft, but also be extended to smaller platforms such as unmanned aerial systems (UASs), helicopters and smaller fixed-wing aircraft.

Integrated Information Environment (IIE)

CAE’s IIE solution provides real-time data of operational systems to perform in-service trend monitoring, failure investigations, multi-configuration, multi-site, multi‑scenario, and lifetime sparing solutions. This level of data is crucial to ensure platform's systems perform optimally throughout their lifecycle.

Naval Electronic Warfare System

CAE has been involved in the design, development and support of electronic warfare (EW) systems for over 30 years. The company has experience with EW systems used by all three services of the military, including naval forces. Our work with naval forces started in the early 1980’s with the development of software applications that allow for the acquisition, identification and tracking of radar signals. CAE has also provided application development for the command and control systems aboard the Royal Canadian Navy’s TRUMP-class destroyers, the Radio Teletype Ship-to-Shore (RATT/SS) system, and the maritime command operational information network (MCOIN). Since 2008, CAE has been involved in the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax Class Modernization project. We have developed software modules to integrate ship sensors and combat systems with the new combat management system (CMS) and provided human systems integration services related to operations room layout, workstation design and command and control station (CCS) graphical user interface.