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As many defence forces around the world explore the possibilities to use integrated live-virtual-constructive (iLVC) environments for training and experimentation, CAE leverages its training systems integration capabilities to help its customers achieve their vision.

CAE has been a leading provider of simulation-based training for decades, therefore we have unmatched experience developing and delivering virtual training, which is often supplemented by constructive simulation technologies.  Today, CAE supports the delivery of live training at places such as the NATO Flying Training in Canada program, and at the Dothan Training Center where we provide the U.S. Army with comprehensive training that includes live aircraft training.  We can help bring the live-virtual and constructive pieces together to implement a fully integrated training system. With our simulation-based systems, live training capabilities, building blocks such as the Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB), and our computer-generated forces (CGF) constructive simulations, we can design and deliver fully integrated, interoperable and immersive training enterprises to help maintain operational readiness.


We are also focused on joint LVC development efforts with industry partners such as Rockwell Collins to enable the more efficient and effective use of iLVC training.  Our iLVC solutions will be:

  • Seamless and interoperable leveraging open industry standards
  • Cybersecure
  • Based on common and correlated synthetic environments
  • Employ tools that facilitate the set-up, management and execution of iLVC exercises

There are savings and capability to be achieved from training in simulation-based environments, though we understand that live training plays an essential part to creating an integrated and balanced military training program.  Training in live-virtual-constructive environments really pushes the limits of traditional training methods as it offers a more realistic, immersive experience and it allows for the performance of tasks or maneuvers that would be too dangerous if performed in a live platform. It also provides infinite space to conduct training, all variable threats needed for added realism, and ability to test fifth generation platforms that employs data fusion. CAE’s vision is to be the training partner of choice to help ensure our customers can cost-effectively enhance safety, efficiency and mission readiness.

Integrated Mission Training - LVC