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Today’s land forces are increasing their focus on enhancing the skills that integrate intelligence, firepower and manoeuvre in highly complex operations across a complex battlespace.  At the same time, land forces are required to train across the spectrum of operations, from warfighting to peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance.  Immersive, repeatable, cost-effective training is becoming critical to acquiring the necessary skills to act instinctively and intuitively in a high functioning collaborative environment.  CAE’s comprehensive training and simulation product portfolio covers land training applications based on the philosophy of providing highly realistic, cost-effective training solutions tailored to our customer's specific requirements through close collaboration and liaison with the end user. CAE offers a wide range of land systems trainers such as command, control, and communications; forward observation; air defence; armoured vehicle drivers and gunners; and command and staff training.

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Pilot Training


CAE's GESI is a constructive simulation system designed to run complex and comprehensive joint and combined exercises at both tactical and operational

CAE GESI-SiTA Classroom Trainer

By evolving the CAE GESI constructive simulation system, CAE has created an advanced simulation tool called CAE GESI-SiTA (Simulation-based Tactical training for military


Military commanders and their staff need to be prepared to operate in complex, mission-critical environments and make quick, informed decisions based on the

Tank/AFV Direct Fire Trainers

CAE designs, manufactures, and supports a wide range of simulators to meet all direct fire training needs for armoured fighting vehicles (AFV), including

Tank/AFV Maintenance Trainers

Through the acquisition of RTI International’s Technology Assisted Learning (TAL) business unit in 2011, CAE significantly expanded its land simulation and training

Indirect Fire Trainers

CAE has an extensive track record of successfully delivering high quality, complex training systems to armies around the world.  CAE is an

Driver Training Systems

CAE is a leading provider of simulation-based training solutions for armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) crews, including drivers, gunner/operators and commanders. These training

CAE Simfinity™ Virtual Maintenance Trainers for Armoured Vehicle Fleets

For years, military maintenance training has been a collection of classrooms, computers, and on-the-job training. However, changing demographics, next generation learning methodologies, and

Tactics and Procedures Trainers

CAE can provide varying levels of training simulators in support of armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) battlefield tactics and procedures. In essence, CAE's

Air Defence Training Systems

CAE provides a comprehensive range of ground-based air defence (GBAD) trainers and simulators to armed forces worldwide. These trainers also benefit from

Target Recognition Trainer

CAE's target recognition trainer is a part-task trainer designed to train troops in vehicle, aircraft and unmanned aerial system (UAS) recognition and

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