CAE is a leading provider of simulation-based training solutions for armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) crews, including drivers, gunner/operators and commanders. These training systems are instrumental in helping tank/AFV crews prepare, practice and rehearse a range of missions on today's modern battlefield within a cohesive virtual environment.

CAE solutions provide progressive training, from basic operator skills through to full turret crew in a collective tactics environment with fully interactive training at troop/detachment/platoon level.  Our training systems also have the capability to interoperate at the brigade level by operating within a constructive environment. In addition, inter-vehicle teamwork can be developed to include the driver using networked simulators. CAE solutions provide the ability to train driver handling and control skills for both wheeled and tracked vehicles from ab initio through redeployment and continuation training.

Key benefits to our customers include:

CAE can deliver a comprehensive range of driver training systems to provide both initial and continuation training to individual drivers for both wheeled and tracked vehicles. Driver trainers can be delivered as static, procedure-type trainers through to full, high-fidelity driver simulators mounted on six degree-of-freedom (DOF) motion systems.

The trainers are designed to incorporate driver station controls and indicators necessary to provide the intended level of driver training for the vehicle type and will enable the student driver to drive virtually on various terrains as well as on or through both natural and man-made obstacles under variable surface conditions. 


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