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CAE's comprehensive portfolio of simulation and operational products can help our customers mitigate, better prepare for, respond to and recover from disastrous events. We provide simulation-based products such as decision support solutions to help decision-makers make well-informed decisions for increased emergency response efficiency, integrated solutions for team training, and a wide range of training systems to help ensure your teams are well-trained and ready to save lives. Our vision is to be the global training partner of choice to help our customers enhance safety, improve efficiency, and maintain readiness. 

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Pilot Training

CAE Virtual Paramedic

The rapidity of response and the quality of intervention from first responder paramedics called to the scene of a mass casualty can make

CAE Emmersion

CAE Emmersion is based on the CAE GESI constructive simulation system used extensively by armies for command and staff training. It provides an

Aeromedical Evacuation Training System

Military aeromedical evacuation crews, search and rescue teams, air ambulance crews and air first responders such as coast guards need to be prepared

CAE Deploy

CAE Deploy is a next-generation decision support tool for intelligent deployment of first responder operations. CAE Deploy integrates the latest in intelligent resource

CAE Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS)

CAE is leveraging its expertise in modelling and simulation to offer leading-edge solutions to support the first responder and emergency management communities in

Information Request Manager

CAE's Information Request Manager (IRM) solution automates the flow of information by linking those who need information with those who have it

Integrated Learning Environment (ILE)

CAE’s Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) is a collection of commercial off-the-shelf enterprise class applications that facilitates content creation and management, training

CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare is a division of CAE, a global leader in delivery of training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare

Presagis Modelling and Simulation Tools

Presagis is a global leader providing commercial modeling, simulation and embedded software solutions to the aerospace, defense, security, and critical infrastructure markets. Presagis

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