CAE’s Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) is a collection of commercial off-the-shelf enterprise class applications that facilitates content creation and management, training scheduling, training delivery, tracking and reporting of classroom, e-Learning, and simulation-based training programs. CAE's ILE can enhance individual and collective results by taking instruction from individual to a team context, and connecting teams with the instruction, resources, and assessment tools needed to drive learning retention.

Learning Services

CAE offers a complete and comprehensive solution consisting of an ILE portal which provides access to key learning services including:

Program Example

The ILE is a proven, reliable, integrated set of commercial off-the-shelf software products that are used by civilian and military forces around the world, including the US Army and the US Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). This is an ideal solution for both civil and military customers, providing an environment through which to deliver top quality training


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