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World’s most focused and experienced training systems integrator.


Ensuring military personnel have all the pre-requisite skills and knowledge to support achieving mission readiness requires an innovative and experienced training partner who understands the challenges faced by military organizations around the world. That is why, as the most trusted and experienced training systems integrator in the world, CAE can design and deliver the most advanced training solutions in live-virtual-constructive (LVC) environments for air forces, navies, armies, public safety organizations, and joint forces.

CAE Training Systems Integrator

How we provide training systems integration

Comprehensive training systems integration (TSI) solutions aim to deliver state-of-the-art and cost- effective training that is optimized to meet the particular requirements of every defence forces.  The TSI approach addresses the full-spectrum of the training continuum, from academic and simulation-based training to a full live-virtual-constructive (LVC) environment for training and mission rehearsal.

CAE is uniquely positioned to help military organizations reduce the demand on uniformed personnel by providing well-trained, ex-military training experts to deliver training, which allows active-duty personnel to focus on operations.  Our TSI approach is all based on exhaustive training needs analysis to ensure greater efficiency and lower costs while meeting training and readiness requirements.

With our worldwide network of industry partners, CAE delivers turnkey training solutions that include complete training programs, courseware, computer-based and classroom-based training, part task and team training systems, training centres, facility management and operation, in-service support, and an integrated learning management system with brief and debrief features.  As a TSI provider, CAE has all the requisite skills and experience to provide immersive mission and operational training, including training systems that can be networked for distributed mission operations and training.


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