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The industry’s leading 360-degree immersive visual experience.

The CAE Medallion MR e-Series Visual System is a cost-effective, turnkey visual system designed specifically for military fighter and fast-jet training.  It includes a back-projection 360-degree dome display system, laser projectors and CAE’s proven CAE Medallion image generators in a fully-integrated visual solution.  Available for new training systems as well as for updates to existing systems, the CAE e-Series is designed to deliver the industry’s most realistic and immersive virtual environment.  Innovations such as electronic collimation, 3D depth perception, and unmatched brightness provides fast-jet pilots with the ideal visual solution for a range of training tasks, including formation and low-level flying, air-to-air refueling, and target identification.

The CAE e-Series visual system provides the following new features and training benefits:

  • High-fidelity natural visual immersion reduces eye-strain and fatigue;
  • Accurate model identification at simulated ranges commensurate with eye-limiting resolution;
  • Smearing/Motion-Blur reduction from unequalled dynamic 120Hz resolution;
  • Head movement compensation virtually eliminates parallax error;
  • 3D depth perception via active eyewear;
  • Night Vision Goggle-optimized;
  • Industry-leading brightness;
  • Four scalable solutions to address resolution and field-of-view needs (360°/225°);
  • Fully correlated synthetic environment;
  • Industry standard Interfaces:
    • Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB);
    • Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI).

CAE Medallion MR e-Series Visual System