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In 2021, CAE acquired L3Harris’ Military Training business, which included Link Simulation & Training and Doss Aviation. These businesses are now integrated with CAE USA as part of CAE’s Defense & Security business unit.

CAE’s Virtual Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Trainer (vISRT) is the first choice for distributed mission cell and intelligence analysis center training capabilities. The vISRT provides extensive real-time dynamic feeds from simulated manned and unmanned ISR aircraft that can be controlled real-time and fed directly to intelligence screener and analyst terminals. A range of intelligence professions can now have a dedicated, highly affordable, stand-alone ability to train on any mission set from initial preparation of the operational environment (IPOE)  to real-time raid support and high value individual (HVI) targeting and strike.

The vISRT is network-ready, compliant with the U.S. Air Force’s Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) standards and can link multiple US and coalition partners for small- or large-scale mission training and exercises. The high-definition virtual ISR streams provided by the vISRT simulates live mission data and includes full motion video (FMV) of both electro-optical (EO) and physics-based infrared (near and far spectrum IR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) with moving target indication, and Signals Intelligence data collected by platforms such as MQ-9, RQ-4, U-2 and RC-135.

Key features of the Virtual Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Trainer (vISRT) include:

  • The ability to create multiple virtual ISR assets with independent targets and unique sensors
  • High-definition video and SAR images
  • Automated or manual control of assets
  • Physics-based weather, electronic warfare, and cyber effects
  • Complex entity behavior to create any scenario
  • Virtual Link-16 and other tactical data link pictures
  • High-altitude imagery
  • SIGINT data
  • Ability to both host and join distributed mission operations events
  • Exportable to NATO and other coalition partners
  • Highly affordable