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Turnkey Solutions

CAE Healthcare offers a depth of experience and a broad portfolio of products and services to meet your objectives relating to clinical preparation, quality and patient safety. Our turnkey solutions team is at your service for projects large and small, and from short-term consulting to complete project delivery. Make CAE Healthcare your training partner of choice.

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Training Centers

CAE Healthcare has delivered turnkey simulation centers and comprehensive training programs around the world to meet educational objectives and improve medical training. Our turnkey project team delivers solutions that reach beyond problem-solving to advance your healthcare education and patient safety goals.

Professional Services

Partner with the global CAE Healthcare Academy to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your learning environment with custom Simulated Clinical Experiences, curriculum, courses and more. Our team of healthcare simulation experts are also available for assistance with the accreditation process.

Custom Curriculum Solutions

The CAE Healthcare Academy, comprised of subject matter experts, systems design specialists, and clinical educators will partner with you for a custom training needs analysis, followed by a methods and media analysis to design a custom, detailed training plan for your institution.

Custom Software Solutions

For the first time, CAE has captured its modeled human patient physiology within a serious gaming platform with CAE SimScape. This virtual healthcare learning environment that represents the future of simulation-based education and can be customized for medical specialties.

Custom Industry Solutions

In collaboration with medical equipment and device manufacturers, we develop targeted education solutions that replicate the clinical environment. Call on CAE Healthcare to be your training partner of choice for new equipment validation, medical device trials, educational content, debriefing and more.