Join CAE at the Indo Pacific 2022
International Maritime Exposition

10-12 May 2022
Sydney, Australia

Skilled at sea. Trained by CAE.

CAE is excited to be exhibiting at the Indo Pacific 2022 International Maritime Exposition that will be held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney, Darling Harbour. Concurrently, CAE is the Platinum Sponsor for the Sea Power 2022 Conference which is exploring the theme of ‘The Indo-Pacific Maritime Domain in the 21st Century – A Commonality of Purpose’.

At Indo Pacific 2022, we invite you to join our team at Booth 3K24 to learn more about CAE and discuss the training transformation of capabilities and products for our defence customers. Discover how our innovative maritime solutions deliver digitally immersive training and operational support solutions to our navy customers, including integrated bridge training and naval warfare training systems. In addition, find out how our efficiency improvements - along with our advanced learning technologies and methodologies - can meet your future training needs.

We look forward to seeing you in-person soon and talking to you about how we are supporting our defence customers within the Indo-Pacific region.


Panel discussion
Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assess Navy’s Readiness?

During this year's Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2022 CAE will host a panel discussion focusing on if AI can be applied to assess Navy's readiness. AI is already used to train and assess technical skills, but how will it be configured to improve and assess non-technical skills for the future Navy?

The panel will discuss emerging trends in education technology, challenges of creating metrics for non-technical skills for AI assessment and providing a perspective of current innovation and advanced practices in training curricula.

Panel participants:
Moderated by: Dr Gary Eves, BDM and Engineering Technologist, CAE

Regan Patrick, Ed.D., PMP, Chief Learning Officer, CAE
Travis Rice, Senior Manager of Multimedia and Immersive Technologies UNSW
Professor Rajesh Vasa, Head of Translational Research and Development, Deakin University.

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Indo Pacific 2022 International Maritime Exposition

International Convention Centre
Sydney, Australia

10 – 12 May 2022

CAE Booth: 3K24

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Feature Article
CAE Perspective: New Tools and Innovative Approaches to Learning Transformation

Achieving lasting improvements in learning efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability requires a clear understanding of requirements to successfully blend advanced instructional methodology with leading edge educational technology. Terms such as “innovation”, “adaptive education”, “Virtual Reality (VR)”, and “Big Data” are used frequently, and often indiscriminately, but it is essential to clearly define and understand these concepts and capabilities when planning future learning ecosystems.

Feature Video
CAE VISTA – Virtual ISR Training Application

CAE Virtual Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Training Application (VISTA) provides real-time dynamic feeds from virtual C4ISR assets and fed directly to intelligence screeners and C2 terminals. Controlled in real-time, VISTA can provide C4ISR professionals a dedicated, highly affordable, stand-alone access to train, conduct mission rehearsal, or assess their operational plans on any mission set from initial preparation of the operational environment (IPOE) to real-time interdiction support and strike, and all-domain near-peer targeting.

Cloud-ready, VISTA is compliant with the USAF’s Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) standards and can link multiple US and coalition partners for small- or large-scale mission training and exercises. Its containerized architecture allows it to be installed as part of any centralized or local cloud system to scale support across any JADC2 enterprise. VISTA is a key enabler for a true, common virtual training environment for the joint force.

CAE at Indo Pacific 2022

CAE is harnessing the power of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, synthetic environments, and big data to develop and implement systems that address today’s military training challenges as they operate across the maritime domain.

To schedule a meeting during the event please click here.


CAE Immersive Maintenance Guide (IMG)

CAE’s Immersive Maintenance Guide is part of our +Tempo line of training products designed to enhance and accelerate maintenance training. It is constructed with detailed and interactive 3D graphics and is delivered either via tablet or in an immersive virtual reality environment through headsets. IMG provides access to the same advanced courseware, which includes current technical order and Interactive Electronic Tech Manuals (IETMS) data. Benefits of IMG include accelerated skills acquisition, built in performance feedback, rapid ingestion of updated technical order data, and reduced need for live assets, among its many other features. IMG brings effective maintenance training at the point of need and was proven on a CV-22 trial to increase student’s overall proficiency and confidence by 42%.

Experience the CAE Immersive Maintenance Guide at Indo Pacific 2022

CAE Decision Support Capability

The ability to visualize terrain models and complex scenarios for planning and wargaming is a capability CAE provides via its Augmented Reality (AR) “Sand Table”. Modelling terrain relief and ingress and egress routes in 3D, multiple users view the simulation concurrently. Viewers at the same location use holographic headsets to see the map in a spatially correlated position, can point to objects and use gestures to direct complex maneuvers. In a distributed setup, remote users interface via telepresence over an existing secure network.

Connected to a simulation or operational system to follow actions in real time, or used for brief or debriefing, CAE’s Augmented Reality Sand Table is a powerful tool for planning, assessment, evaluation, and decision support.

In development for three years, in close cooperation with multiple European nations’ armies, the CAE AR Sand Table has been deployed as part of four different programs and successfully demonstrated in a multinational military exercise, connected to live operational systems. Innovation for CAE does not only mean cutting edge technology, but also fulfilling our customers’ needs of today and tomorrow, in an ever-changing environment. The CAE AR Sand Table is a great example of this spirit. From the start, customers were involved in every product iteration, and their feedback helped us shape and improve the roadmap for this new simulation tool. When CAE started this project, equipping joint forces in field with helmet-mounted AR devices was only a vision. Today, this scenario is approaching actuality, and we are at the ready.


Experience CAE's Augmented Reality "Sand Table" at Indo Pacific 2022


CAE is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and integration of digital magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare. The company has been designing MAD systems for over 40 years and has delivered over 2,000 MAD systems and equipment to military forces around the world.

The latest CAE MAD system is called CAE MAD-XR (Magnetic Anomaly Detection-Extended Role) and is significantly more compact than previous CAE MAD systems. CAE MAD-XR is a magnetic anomaly detection sensor with reduced size, weight, and power requirements allowing the MAD system to be extended to smaller platforms such as unmanned aerial systems (UASs), helicopters, small fixed-wing aircraft, as well as Unmanned Surface and Underwater Vehicles. The CAE MAD-XR has been in production since 2020 with systems being delivered to several customers including the United States Navy (USN) for the MH60R and Japan for the P1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

Regional News Highlights
Australian Training Innovation Partners

At CAE, our approach to training innovation leverages our global experience combined with the deep specialist capabilities of several Australian businesses. To deliver a solution to our customers that uses the best of our nation’s capabilities, we have partnered with an Australian team of academia and industry - including Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - to bring a rich and diverse array of innovations.

Our partners include:
- 3by3 Solutions
- Acacia Systems
- Adacel Technologies
- Cobham Aviation Services
- Cubic
- Eagle Eye Innovations
- General Atomics Australia
- ImmersaView
- Navantia Australia
- Northrop Grumman Australia
- Nova Systems
- Plexys Australia
- Seeing Machines
- Virtual Simulation Systems

MH-60R Helicopter Training

Since 2012, CAE has supported the Royal Australian Navy with its MH-60R helicopter training and maintenance program at the Seahawk Simulator and Warfare Centre (SSWC) at HMAS Albatross in Nowra, NSW. The SSWC contains key training devices, including two Tactical Operation Flight Trainers (TOFTs), a Rear Crew Trainer (RCT) and an Avionics Maintenance Weapons Load Trainer (AMWLT).

In addition to sustainment activities and training support, CAE is currently delivering the new Automatic Flight Control System Trainer (AFCST). Significantly, this includes the Enhanced Landing Signals Operator Part-Task Trainer (ELSOPTT), an augmented and virtual reality training simulator for Landing Safety Officers (LSOs) onboard the Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers (AWDs), which is an example of the type of innovation that CAE offers.

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