• Saudi Arabian Airlines purchases Airbus A330/A340 convertible FFS
  • Bombardier purchases Challenger 605 FFS 
  • Emirates-CAE Flight Training purchasesDassault Falcon 900EX/2000EX FFS

CAE today announced the sale of three full-flight simulators (FFS) valued at a total list price of approximately C$50 million: an Airbus A330/A340 convertible FFS sold to Saudi Arabian Airlines; a Bombardier Challenger 605 FFS sold to Bombardier and a Dassault Falcon 900EX/2000EX FFS sold to Emirates-CAE Flight Training (ECFT). The sale to Saudi Arabian Airlines was concluded during fiscal year 2010 and brings the total FFS sales for fiscal year 2010 to 20. The sales to Bombardier and to ECFT are CAE's first two for fiscal year 2011.



Saudi Arabian Airlines:
CAE has sold a CAE 7000 Series Airbus A330/A340 convertible FFS to Saudi Arabian Airlines (SVA), the national airline of Saudi Arabia, as well as an enhanced CAE Simfinity Airbus Pilot Transition (APT) trainer. The simulator and APT trainer will be delivered to the Prince Sultan Aviation Academy in Jeddah in 2011.

"With a changing fleet, the training concepts and equipment must be updated to take advantage of more modern technology," said Captain Hamood Al-Amri, General Manager of the Prince Sultan Aviation Academy. "CAE's simulation equipment has proven to be highly innovative and reliable in helping SVA keep our pilots at peak performance."


CAE expanded its long-term relationship with Bombardier Aerospace to include the purchase of a new FFS for the Challenger 605 business aircraft, as announced at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE). The Challenger 605 FFS will be delivered toward the end of 2010 to Bombardier's training centre in Dallas, which is co-located with CAE's SimuFlite facility at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

In June 2007, Bombardier signed a 20-year Authorized Training Provider agreement with CAE for Global Express, Global 5000, Global Express XRS and Challenger 300 aircraft and expanded it in May 2008 to include training for Learjet 40, Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 and Learjet 45XR aircraft in Europe.

"CAE and Bombardier have been able to leverage our close relationship to continually add more value for our customers' training programs," said Jeff Roberts, CAE's Group President, Civil Simulation Products, Training and Services. "We share an overarching desire to enhance safety and efficiency in business aircraft operations, and we apply the best practices from each program to the benefit of all Bombardier platforms."

The Challenger 605* aircraft simulator will incorporate a new-generation CAE Tropos-6000 visual system, including liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) projectors and 180- by 40-degree field-of-view visual display. The simulator will be qualified to Level D, the highest qualification for flight simulators.

Emirates-CAE Flight Training (ECFT):

CAE signed a contract with Emirates-CAE Flight Training (ECFT) for the purchase of a CAE 7000 Series Dassault Falcon 900EX/2000EX FFS, as announced at EBACE. The simulator will be ready for training in Dubai in the first quarter of 2011.

The Falcon 900EX/2000EX FFS will incorporate a full six-degree-of-freedom CAE TrueTM electric motion system and new-generation CAE Tropos-6000 visual system, including liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) projectors and 200- by 40-degree field-of-view visual display. The simulator will be certified to Level D, the highest qualification for flight simulators.

ECFT is jointly operated by the Emirates Group and CAE and is located close to Dubai International Airport. Approved by both the JAA and the FAA, the facility offers training to commercial airlines, business jet and civil helicopter operators in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

About CAE

CAE is a world leader in providing simulation and modelling technologies and integrated training solutions for the civil aviation industry and defence forces around the globe. With annual revenues exceeding C$1.6 billion, CAE employs more than 7,000 people at more than 90 sites and training locations in 20 countries. We have the largest installed base of civil and military full-flight simulators and training devices. Through our global network of 29 civil aviation and military training centres, we train more than 75,000 crewmembers yearly. We also offer modelling and simulation software to various market segments and, through CAE's professional services division, we assist customers with a wide range of simulation-based needs. www.cae.com

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