CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (CAE OAA) and BBVA today announced the introduction of a special loan program to assist aspiring pilots in France to fund their pilot training at one of CAE Oxford Aviation Academy’s flight schools.

Under the partnership with BBVA in France, candidates who apply to CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and successfully pass the skills assessment process will have the possibility of qualifying for the loan, subject to a number of other financial terms and conditions being met.

Applicants can apply for up to 100% of the training fees to be covered by the BBVA loan plus additional funding towards accommodation and living expenses during training.

A similar program offered by CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and BBVA in the UK has enabled hundreds of aspiring pilots to enrol in pilot training and achieve their ambition of becoming professional airline pilots with many of Europe’s leading airlines.

For more details on the loan program offered in partnership with BBVA in France, visit

About CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is the largest ab initio flight training network in the world with the capacity to train more than 2,000 cadets per year across 9 flight schools on five continents. Drawing upon over 85 years of pilot training expertise, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy cadet pilot training programs provide high quality, focused ab initio training to aspiring pilots across the globe. The range of programs includes CPL, ATPL and MPL training routes, all of which combine premier ground school courses with high quality flying instruction delivered in accordance with national aviation authority requirements. Training locations include Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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